Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma by Mind Map: Ethical Dilemma

1. Kiera and Teri are 2 recent graduates who got hired at a hospital. 3 current staff members (Rosalyn, Ursula, and Desdemona) told kiera and Teri to stay away from Igna, the directors "pet." However, Kiera and Igna soon became friends and developed a healthy working relationship.Teri then overheared the current staff (Rosalyn, Ursula, and Desdemona) plotting to get both kiera and Igna fired. Teri, kiera, and Igna now plan what to do about the situation. (Scott & Reitz, 2019, p-244)

1.1. course of action #1: Do nothing

1.1.1. Positive outcome: Problems within the workplace will not increase

1.1.2. Negative outcome: Kiera and Igna may lose their job.

1.2. Course of action #2: Talk to the 3 current women on staff

1.2.1. Positive outcome: the women will work things out and become friendly

1.2.2. Negative outcome: the 3 current staff members may be closed off to kiera and Igna

1.3. Course of action #3: talk to their supervisor

1.3.1. Positive outcome: The supervisor may fire the 3 women and get rid of staff that is bad for the hospital

1.3.2. Negative outcome: Kiera and Igna could lose respect of their coworkers for not handling the situation themselves

1.4. Course of action #4: Teri and Kiera distance themselves from Igna

1.4.1. Positive outcome: They are accepted by the 3 women in the new working environment

1.4.2. Negative outcome: Igna could report all 5 women

2. Stakeholders

2.1. Kiera & Teri

2.2. Igna

2.3. Rosalyn, Ursula, and Desdemona

2.4. Overall staff & hospital

3. core values

3.1. justice

3.1.1. Communities are organized so that all members have the opportunity to function and flourish (AOTA, 2015)

3.2. equality

3.2.1. All people are treated fairly and justly (AOTA, 2015)

4. Ethical Principles

4.1. fidelity (6I)

4.1.1. Respecting the practice of other professionals to promote a collaborative environment (AOTA, 2015)

4.2. Veracity (5B)

4.2.1. Refrain from communicating with any type of misleading or unfair statements (AOTA, 2015)