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Love: by Mind Map: Love:

1. Definition: when you prioritize your care for someone or something

2. Materialistic: When you prioritize an object possession

3. Friendly: When you care for your friend and admire them

4. Romantic: when you prioritize your care for a person and want to become intimate with them in every way possible

4.1. Obsessive: Unhealthy care for someone or something, consume your thoughts and time

5. Appreciation: admiration for how something was made ex: music, food, etc

6. Self: prioritizing care for oneself and knowing whats good for you, how to improve yourself and not only focusing on change

7. Nurturing: wanting to care for someone or something, wanting to mentor them, take them under your wing

8. Sibling: Caring for your blood related family, wanting them to achieve, be there for them, similar to friends and nurturing