Release An EP

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Release An EP by Mind Map: Release An EP

1. Compositions

1.1. Song Choice

1.2. Instruments

1.2.1. Guitar

1.2.2. Piano

1.2.3. Drums

1.2.4. Bass

1.2.5. Lead Guitar Riffs Tempo Changes Guitar Solo

1.3. Vocals

1.4. Covers/Originals

2. Advertisement

2.1. Social Media

2.1.1. Facebook Event Invitations Gig Pages Wide Audience Extra Notifications

2.1.2. Snapchat

2.1.3. Twitter

2.1.4. Instagram

2.1.5. Tumblr

2.2. Leaflets

2.3. Posters

2.4. Demo Tracks

2.4.1. YouTube Short Videos Large Target Audience Collage Of Songs

2.4.2. Soundcloud

2.4.3. BandLab

2.5. Gig

3. Mixing/Mastering

3.1. Backing Tracks

3.1.1. Instruments

3.1.2. Layering Of Vocals Harmonies A Capella Vocals Echos

3.1.3. Improve Tracks

3.1.4. Fill In Gaps

3.1.5. Backing Vocals

3.2. Correcting Tracks

3.3. Improving BPM

3.4. Joining Instruments together

3.5. Layering

4. With more people in our era relying less on CD's and more on online production, will the environmental impact of producing my EP go down by selling it as an online EP?

4.1. Production

4.2. Releasing Copies

4.3. Sharing Online

4.3.1. If I reduce the amount of physical copies sold and have all album cases made out of an eco friendly substance such as card instead of plastic.