Majority and minority

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Majority and minority by Mind Map: Majority and minority

1. South Africa

2. Denmark

2.1. Minority: Greenland

3. England

3.1. Christianity is the majority religion, followed by Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism in terms of number of adherents.

3.2. 85.4% of England's population was White, 7.8% Asian, 3.5% Black, 2.3% and more off group.

3.3. Minority: Immigrants for many years ago. Their children

3.4. Majority: "Real" english white people

4. New Zealand

4.1. Minority: Maori

4.2. Majority: White men

5. Australia

5.1. Minority: Aboriginals

5.2. Majority: White men

6. America

6.1. White Americans are the racial majority

6.2. Christianity comprising the mojority of the population 73.% of adults in 2016.

6.3. Minority: Black people