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Susan by Mind Map: Susan

1. To have her boyfriend killing her father go so fast

2. What she likes

2.1. She loves people who are caring to people who are in special needs

3. What she hates

3.1. She hates cats

3.2. She hates her boyfriend

4. Would be happy

4.1. To go back to the past and stop her boyfriend from killing her father

5. Mad

5.1. Her boyfriend killing her father

6. Sad for reader

6.1. She can not register anything because she can not let go of the past

7. What happened to her when that was heart warming

7.1. Having her kiss her boyfriend for the first time ever

8. Felt unfair

9. What happened to her that she enjoyed

9.1. Her being with her father and mother

9.1.1. She loved it because she loved them both the most

10. Makes her cry

10.1. Her mother telling her that she wants her father to live long and her too.

11. Care

11.1. Her father

11.2. Her mother

11.2.1. To have her father live long

11.2.2. She looked up to her mother

12. Purpose

12.1. creating an original character which i can decide how the story evolves.

13. Sad for Susan

13.1. Disappointed because she didn’t father