Harry Potter Competition

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Harry Potter Competition by Mind Map: Harry Potter Competition

1. Concerns

1.1. blaming of others

1.2. handing out badges and points

2. Badges

2.1. Reaching preset goals

2.2. Doing kind things for others

2.3. Getting compliments

2.4. Returning homework

2.5. based on points received

3. Assessments

3.1. Test & Quiz Scores

3.1.1. NWEA

3.1.2. State

3.1.3. Classroom

3.2. HW Turned In

3.3. Projects

4. Audience: 3rd-5th grade students

5. Evaluation Questions

5.1. Are student grades and scores increasing?

5.2. Is it creating healthy competition?

5.3. Are students using this as a tool to collaborate?