Product Development

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Product Development by Mind Map: Product Development

1. High protein drink

1.1. Ingriedents

1.1.1. Sugar <= 4.4%

1.2. Equipment

1.2.1. Dissolution SM to get sample of protein powder which can be blended cold MX to trial SM sample to avoid investing

1.3. Flavours

1.3.1. Data JM to create slide

1.4. Design

2. SMP buckets

2.1. Recipe

2.1.1. MX to establish

2.2. Costs

2.2.1. MG to calculate

3. Rahal cheese

3.1. Wedge for retail

3.1.1. JM to propose way forward

3.2. Whole for counter

3.2.1. JM to propose way forward

3.2.2. Colors - Selected Red (R16 TRP) & Blk (NR4 MWT) MX to get samples & compare with wax sample

4. Ġbejniet catering

4.1. RS to gather info from January expo re way forward

5. High protein yogurt

5.1. Concept agreed

5.1.1. Mixed yogurt/fruit

5.1.2. Protein 9%

5.1.3. Fat 0%

5.1.4. Low sugar

5.1.5. Flavours Natural, peach, strawberry, blueberry SM to organize once base finalized

5.1.6. Primary packing 500ml bucket (G) Order cups/lids Trial with natural yogurt 200ml cup (H)

5.1.7. Secondary packing To define

5.1.8. Product name MX to check with Chr Hansen legal if Greek Style can be used

5.1.9. Launch Target 1st May 2020

5.1.10. Economic Forecast Qty RS to send forecasted qtys ROI

5.2. Technical

5.2.1. Yogurt base grainy issue 200um filter MX to get cost for 300um filter Trial at Kold at 88deg C with maize starch to be ready by 13/12

5.2.2. MPC powder blending Solago needs 55k-60k investment in order to circulate and disolve MX inquiring if MPC soluble in cold temperatures exists Possibility to try Stefan's whey protein which can be dissolved in cold temperatures but other parameters might change

6. Dips

6.1. Equipment

6.1.1. Cap applicator Quote available

6.1.2. Prep container Test hexogen bib + refrigeration during transport & storing

6.2. Zentis preps

6.2.1. Flavours liked olive, tzatziki, cheese

6.3. Primary packaging

6.3.1. Cup type

6.3.2. Cup design

6.4. Secondary packaging

6.4.1. Tray design

6.5. Budget

6.5.1. Forecast?

6.5.2. Profit per piece?

6.5.3. Weeks to recover R&D costs?

7. Premium mozzarella (with new equipment)

7.1. Concept

7.1.1. Taste product development Tried & liked

7.1.2. Packaging Keep same design & use money for adverts

7.2. Equipment

7.2.1. Need go ahead on new mozzarella process equipment

8. Kids yogurt

8.1. New flavours

8.1.1. Rasberry/Rhubarb liked

8.1.2. SM to ask for different fruit variants to pair with tomato and zucchini

8.2. Tasting

8.2.1. QA to forward samples to Marketing for kids tasting session

9. Milk Shakes

9.1. 2nd launch mid/end Mar 2020

9.1.1. White choc, coconut without pieces

9.2. Evaluating for future

9.2.1. Multifruit

9.2.2. Coffee

9.2.3. Mocha

9.2.4. Choclate caramel

9.2.5. Choclate strawberry

9.2.6. Red velvet

9.3. Request

9.3.1. Fat reduction 2.5g/100ml & 15g carbohydrates

9.3.2. Sugar reduction strategy

9.4. Done

9.4.1. Vanilla biscuit (launched 18th Nov 19)

10. Fresh gbejna lactose free

10.1. Design

10.1.1. Primary packaging

10.1.2. Secondary packaging

10.2. Qtys

10.2.1. RS to establish forecast

10.2.2. RS to get cost for digital top film

10.2.3. Minimum batch size 2600 pcs

11. Ġbejna tas-salib

11.1. RS to gather feedback from January 2020 expo

12. Ġbejniet new flavours

12.1. RS to prepare sales per flavour to decide if to replace with new flavour

13. Puddings

13.1. MG to calculate costs based on recipe sent by MX

14. Goat drinking milk

15. Yogurt flavour

15.1. Evaluate for future

15.1.1. Dessert bounty flavour (coconut/choc)

15.2. Opportunities

15.2.1. Adding calcium phosphate from milk, good for bones. Possibility for new range for elders or people with low bone density

16. Milk Shakes low fat

16.1. Concept for tuck shops according to facebook message

16.1.1. <=2.5g fat per 100ml

16.1.2. 15g carbohydrates

17. Thoughts

17.1. Produce cream havati cheese

17.2. Energy & time saving - Do an outlet in the processing pasteurizer so that cheese milk can go out of it at the right temperature instead cooling it and then warming it again

17.3. Save material SMP - Check protein % vs competitors and viscosity vs competitors

17.4. Savings material - Put starch stabilizer (.2 to .3%, up to .5% possible) in yogurt and reduce SMP to keep same viscosity and reduce protein

17.5. Possible to reduce SMP dosage in yogurt and cost by increasing homogenizing pressure? Change equipment to 250 or 300 bar.

17.6. Savings material - Put more fat in FF and reduce SMP to keep same viscosity.

17.7. Save water costs by using permeate to clean UF instead of RO water

17.8. Save energy costs by heating/cooling yogurt with heat exchanger instead of fermentation tanks

17.9. Energy saving - Do we need need to homogenize skimmid milk?

18. Kefalotiri

18.1. Concept

18.1.1. Tar-Rahhal shape

18.1.2. 1 month maturation

18.2. Trial

18.2.1. Ordered sample cultures arriving wk50

18.3. Inform AA