Renal Function at the level of the nepron

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Renal Function at the level of the nepron by Mind Map: Renal Function at the level of the nepron

1. 1.Renal corpuscle

1.1. Glomerular capsule-(Bowman's capsule

1.2. 1. Glomerulus-consist of 50 intertwining capillaries.Afferent arteriole(blood delievered) Efferent arteriole(blood leaves)

2. Nephron

3. 2.Proximal Convoluted Tubule

3.1. Proximal convoluted tubule- is the intial segment of the renal tubule. Responsible for reabsorbing nutrients from the filtrate, , now the tubular fluid.

4. 3.Nephron Loop

4.1. Is the middle segment of the renal tubule. Establishes an osmotic gradient in the renal medulla that promotes water reabsorption from the tubular fluids in the nephron collecting system. 2 limbs thick and thin segmnts.

4.1.1. Thin segment-descending limb is lined with squamous epithlium.

4.1.2. Thick segment ascending has cuboidal epithelium.

5. 4.Distal convoluted tubule-

5.1. Last segment of the renal tubule. It makes further adjustments in the composition of the tubular fluid through secretion & re-absorption.

6. 5.Collecting Duct

6.1. Carries tubular fluid through the osomotic gradients in the renal medullla.2 types of cells in the collecting ducts:

6.1.1. Intercalated cells-are cuboidalmcells with microvilli that plays arole in secreting & reabsorobing both hydrogen & bicarbonate ions

6.1.2. Principal cells-are cuboidal cells that reasorb h2o & secrete potassium ions

7. 6. Papillary Duct

7.1. Collects tubular fluid from multiple collecting ducts & delievers it to a minor calyx