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Snapchat by Mind Map: Snapchat

1. Uses: Sending pics and videos to friends. Sending chats posting stuff to stories. Most younger people use as primary means of instant messaging. When you meet someone often times you might ask for a snapchat over a phone number.

2. Risks: 1.Detachament from reality you might only feel you matter by how many people talk to you. 2. Snapscore for example goes up by you sending and reciving snaps make a number go up. This can make you be on the app constantly talking to people you otherwise don't care about. 3. Seeing people around you living a much better life when in reality they just got to have a good picture when most days there life is also boring.

3. Benefits: 1. Staying in contact with friends/co-workers outside of work and school. 2. Shows how people really are outside of what you see of them. 3. Allows you to relate to others on a personal level.

4. Privacy of Snapchat: Will collect a lot of information including but not limiting to: Phone number, Ip address, exact location, signal strength, headphones connected etc. All pictures and videos stored on device. Data will be sent to 3rd parties in some situations.

5. History: It came out in 2012 to send only pictures on apple devices to one another. Overtime it added android, filter, video, text, story, ad support. Snapchat went from being seen as something for just kids to a somewhat respectable form of media.

6. Best practices: 1. Be careful when sending a snap not to accidentally put it on your story. 2. Realize streaks and score don't mean everything take a break every now and again. 3. Would you be able to say the same thing in real life?

7. Personal: Realize theres always a chance something you say is being recorded or kept logged. Whether that be on a server. Or just by someone who your sending it they can have a screen recorded and blackmail you. It's especially hard when you think its personal but in reality just like a phone call. If someone wants to they can know whats sent given the right tools.