Improve public transport experience for families with a web service

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Improve public transport experience for families with a web service by Mind Map: Improve public transport experience for families with a web service

1. Idea 2: a new Waze

1.1. Waze is an app for car driving that analyse driving speed of people, provide information about it to other users and adapt the route with it: . Instructions de navigation, alertes trafic et covoiturage par Waze

1.1.1. Using this in a city will provide information about trafic and help familly to choose the best road

1.1.2. OK it allready exists and many people use it everyday (look at TCL app) but well it had to be said

2. Idea 1: The smart city use

2.1. Smart City - 60 secondes pour comprendre

2.1.1. But that's a bit idealistic and it's quite an another topic. Else you can use data provided by customers that say "I'm in bus 3 and it's pretty empty by now"

2.2. Collect and store data about public transports

2.2.1. You can know with your cellphone whether this or this bus is full

2.2.2. When is it the best time to take metroline A?

3. Idea 3: Combining it in a website that provide every usefull information and is improved with familly participation

3.1. A collaborative website won't be to costy but provide relevant information

3.2. 1. gather all relevant information

3.2.1. Is their a lift? Can you go through the doors with a pram ect. Such informatiorn is available but it's quite hard and never totally clear: sum up information would be very very usefull to many families

3.2.2. Where relevant shops, doctors ect are We can provide a website that allows to go their in the most convenient way.

3.3. 2. Give advice about places to be in a public transport: near doors or at the end of a wagon?

3.3.1. "Be carrefull : the lift is at the bottom of the metro but everyone walk toward the head. Wait a bit before getting out."

3.4. 3. Sharing experiences and advice

3.4.1. "The ground is not very accurate for driving a pram. If you want to go to the stadium wait for the next station: it is not so far away and much easy "

3.4.2. "To go from A to B don't take metro that will make you wait a long time, prefear taking the bus: you'll need 5 more minutes but your children will be sat in the bus instead of standing waiting the metro"

3.5. 4. Price!!!

3.5.1. As your give the number of people your are, the app or website finds the best offer you can find and book it for you

4. What are the problems of a family that use public transports in a city?

4.1. 1. They need place : Four peoples need more place than just one

4.2. 2.Kids have to be in safety: an overcrownded metro is the perfect place to loose a 8 years old kid

4.3. 3. The need for adapted infrastructures: OK metro is cool but if you have a pram and their is no escalator...

4.4. 4. It's often hard to book a trip for many peopke

4.5. So we have to target empty or nearly empty wagons, buses ect

4.6. And easily accessible transports

4.7. And make the experience as enjoyable and easy as possible

4.8. How to Design Family-Friendly Transit - Shareable

5. OOps I forgot trains and plains (City dweller habits for sure)

5.1. Trains

5.1.1. 7 Tips for Taking Amtrak With Your Kids

5.1.2. Booking: firm allready allow you to choose the precise places you want to book

5.1.3. The biggest concern: child have to do something else their become monsters

5.1.4. Idea: allow people to choose a "calm" or "palying" Wagon especially for long travels Little effort for firms and big reward for everyone

5.1.5. A built in check-list Never forget to bring food or games/toys with you

5.1.6. Provide ideas of activities for childrens and links to various website that child can use to learn while having fun and be calm

5.2. Planes