Communication "Communication Basics"

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Communication "Communication Basics" by Mind Map: Communication "Communication Basics"

1. Cultivating Social Competence: to pose or use the ability to think, feel, and behavior to achieve within everyday society

1.1. 1. Assessment Limitations: interact with peers,work on bettering self-esteem

1.2. 2. Personal Development: Communicate outside of comfort zone

2. Conveying a Message: make it clear and understandable

2.1. 1. Message Construction: interpreted how one learns

2.2. 2. Process of Interpretation: self-preception

2.3. 3. Basis for Communication Behavior: habits, intentions, and emotions

3. Establishing Identity: the role you play

3.1. 1. Uncertainty: not knowing where you belong, or how to react to a situation

3.1.1. (a). Anxiety: feelings (b). Vocalization: how to communicate (c).Candor: open-minded expressions

3.2. 2. Position in Society: where you belong

4. Interpretation with NLP

4.1. 1. Three-pronged Communication

4.1.1. (a). Representation System: visualizing (b). Auditory Preference: hearing/sound (c). Kinesthetic Preference

5. Quality of Expression

5.1. 1. The Argument Culture: debate

5.2. 2. Assertive Inflection: being assertive

5.3. 3. Defensive Instincts: battle

6. Composition

6.1. 1. Misinterpretations: communicating different or not understanding

6.2. 2. Mindfulness: recognizing

6.3. 3. Dialogue Framework: regurgitate

7. Contribution

7.1. 1. Participating in Group Discussion: voicing opinion

7.1.1. (a). Projection (b). Status

7.2. 2. Acknowledgment: sticking out

8. Presentation

8.1. (a). Content

8.1.1. (b). Sequencing (c). Optional Elements (d). Connection