Skeletal system

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Skeletal system by Mind Map: Skeletal system

1. Types of bones

1.1. Flat bone

1.2. Long bone

1.2.1. Long than they are and wide act as lever. Ex:humerus,tibia,ulna

1.3. Short bone

1.4. Irregular bone

2. Types of bone cells

2.1. Osteocytes:  mature bone cells, in the lacuna, cannot divide, develop from osteoblasts

2.1.1. Functions:  maintain protein and mineral content of the surrounding matrix Participate in repair of damaged bone

2.2. Osteoblasts: Produce new bone matrix – osteogenesis

2.2.1. Promote calcium deposition into matrix

2.3. Osteoprogenitor: -Mesenchymal cells / stem cell -Differentiate into osteoblasts