Travel Agency Physical Shop

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Travel Agency Physical Shop by Mind Map: Travel Agency  Physical Shop

1. Shop Design

1.1. The elements of Cafe

1.1.1. Coffee, tea and snacks

1.1.2. Sofa and tea table

1.1.3. Fashionable vintage style environment

1.2. Travel Guide Book Free Reading Corner

1.2.1. Space to plan trip together with friends

1.2.2. Consult with Travel Consultant

1.2.3. Make decision and book instantly

1.3. Individual Space

1.3.1. Explore and feel the room by VR

2. Role of Travel Consultants

2.1. Be Professional

2.1.1. Training

2.1.2. Information Update

2.1.3. AI Support Analyse customers' preference Provide accurate recommendation and advise

2.2. Build-up Customer Relationship

2.2.1. Casual talk

2.2.2. Call by name Sense of belonging Feeling privilege

2.2.3. Gather information from customer Customers' preference Customers' feedback Customers can get reward points Information Exchange Customers can get reward points Travel photos collecting Instagram sharing with hashtag #triparrangedbyJTBHK Provide original copies and authorises us to use photos.

3. Products & Goods

3.1. tailor-made to customers

3.1.1. Flexible combination (less bundle) Accommodation Hotel Onsen Ryokan Home Stay Transportation Arrangement Air-ticket Rental Car Transportation Pass Charter car/coach Activities Event Ticket Meal Plan Local Tour Activities Plan

3.2. No Product Leaflet

3.2.1. Tailor-made after learning customers' preference and needs

3.3. Hotel Catalog / List (something like dictionary)

3.3.1. By destination

3.3.2. By series 文青selection New Hotel in 2019 Specific International Brand Perfume used in that international brand hotel Mental Healing Choice Relaxing smell Sakura Season Special Smell of Sakura and more...

3.3.3. Catalog which trigger your mood and imagination by SMELL

4. Payment

4.1. Drinks & Foods

4.1.1. Pay by money

4.1.2. Redeem by reward points

4.2. Travel Product

4.2.1. Instalment Payment

4.2.2. Recommendation for next trip Discount coupon for the recommended future trip