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1. Comparatives

1.1. Simply add -er

1.1.1. Examples: great = greater young = younger tall = taller

1.2. If the adjective has a CVC pattern, double the consonant and add -er

1.2.1. Examples: fat = fatter big = bigger red = redder

1.3. Change the Y to I and add -er

1.3.1. Examples: heavy = heavier happy = happier bumpy = bumpier

1.4. Use MORE

1.4.1. Examples: delicious = more delicious generous = more generous complete = more complete

2. Superlatives

2.1. Use THE and add -est

2.1.1. Examples: great = the greatest young = the youngest tall = the tallest

2.2. If the adjective has a CVC pattern, double the consonant and add -est. Don't forget THE!

2.2.1. Examples: fat = the fattest big = the biggest red = the reddest

2.3. Change the Y to I and add -est. Don't forget to use THE!

2.3.1. Examples: heavy = the heaviest happy = the happiest bumpy = the bumpiest

2.4. Use of THE MOST

2.4.1. Examples: famous = the most famous interesting = the most interesting carefully = the most carefully

3. These are the irregular words. There is no system or pattern here, so you'll just have to remember them. Fortunately, there are only a few...

3.1. Examples for COMPARATIVES: good = better bad = worse far = farther (further) well = better badly = worse little = less

3.2. Examples for SUPERLATIVES: good = the best bad = the worst far = the farthest (the furthest) well = the best badly = the worst little = the least