Carolyn's Dilemma

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Carolyn's Dilemma by Mind Map: Carolyn's Dilemma

1. Description

1.1. Keith suffered a stroke. He wanted to drive again and return to his old life.

2. Stakeholders

2.1. Keith

2.2. Carolyn the OT and employer

2.3. Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA)

2.4. Other drivers

3. Courses of Action

3.1. Report to MVA

3.1.1. Positive Outcomes Reduces road risk Keith keeps himself safe and others

3.1.2. Negative Outcomes Keith loses trust in OT

3.2. Only recommend driving evaluation course

3.2.1. Positive Outcomes Keith improves his skills Keith has trust in OT

3.2.2. Negative Outcomes Keith increases risk on road Carolyn loses credibility

3.3. Report to MVA and recommend driving evaluation course

3.3.1. Positive Outcomes Keith improves his skills Keith is still able to drive Carolyn is proficient in her job

3.3.2. Negative Outcomes Keith is still considered a risk on the road

4. Chosen Course of Action

4.1. Tell the MVA and pursue driving course

5. Core Values

5.1. Altruism

5.2. Truth

6. Ethical Principles

6.1. Nonmaleficence- avoid inflicting harm, avoid compromising rights

6.2. Veracity- record accurate information, identify all errors that compromise safety, honesty

6.3. Beneficence- accurate information, ensure proficiency