Ashley's Ethical Dilemma

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Ashley's Ethical Dilemma by Mind Map: Ashley's Ethical Dilemma

1. Dilemma: Ashley is the manager in a hospital. One day a therapist named Lily comes up to Ashley to tell her that another therapist Fred had posted a patient scenario on social media.

2. Stakeholders: Ashley Lily Fred The client and their family The hospital Everyone viewing the post on social media

3. Option #1

3.1. Ashley can choose to do nothing.

3.1.1. Postive Outcomes: Fred does not get into any trouble and the post is not reported. Negative Outcomes: Those viewing the post can report it to the hospital, and Ashley and Fred can both lose their jobs.

4. Option #2

4.1. Ashley can talk to Fred privately ask that he remove the post, but not report him.

4.1.1. Positive Outcomes: Fred takes down the post and nothing more comes out of it. Negative Outcomes: Ashley can lose her job for not offically reporting Fred's misconduct.

5. Option #3

5.1. Ashley can go directly to one of her superiors and immediately report Fred.

5.1.1. Positive Outcomes: The post is taken down and Fred will not have the chance to post anything of this nature ever again. Negative Outcomes: Fred can be fired, and feel betrayed by Ashley for not talking to him privately first.

6. Option #4

6.1. Ashley can talk to Fred about her findings and they can go together to speak about the situation to their superiors.

6.1.1. Positive Outcome: Ashley keeps her position as manager of the hospital, and the post is removed. Negative Outcome: Fred is terminated for violating HIPPA.

7. Ethical Principals:

7.1. Autonomy: Respecting the client's right to privacy and confidentiality.

7.1.1. Beneficence: Preventing harm, making sure the rights of the client are protected.

8. Core Values:

8.1. Alutrism: The client's welfare is the number one priority.

8.1.1. Dignity: Treating the client and their family with the respect that they deserve.