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Accreditation by Mind Map: Accreditation

1. Some Important Functions of Accreditation 1. Assess the quality of academic programs 2. Create a culture of continuous improvement 3. Involve faculty and staff comprehensively in institutional evaluation and planning 4. Establish criteria for professional certification and licensure and for upgrading courses offering such preparation

2. Two Types: Institutional and Specialized / Promramatic

3. Higher Learning Commission (HCL) Criteria:

3.1. Mission

3.2. Integrity (ethical and responsible conduct

3.3. Teaching Learning Quality Resource Support

3.4. Teaching and Learning Evaluation and Improvement

3.5. Institution Effectiveness, Resources, Planning

4. 6 Regional Accreditation Bodies (location dependent)

4.1. Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools Council on Occupational Education Distance Education Accrediting Commission Higher Learning Commission

5. Primary Accrediting Activities

5.1. Standards

5.2. Self Study

5.3. Onsite Evaluation

5.4. Monitoring

5.5. Decision & Publication

5.6. Reevaluation

6. With the passage of the HEA in 1965, Congress expanded accreditors’ role by entrusting them with ensuring academic quality of the educational institutions at which federal student aid funds may be used subject to oversight by the federal government through the recognition process.