Go Do What Makes You Happy

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Go Do What Makes You Happy by Mind Map: Go Do What Makes You Happy

1. Series

2. QR Go Do What Makes You Happy

3. The Series

3.1. Get What you deserve

3.2. You Won't have Bad Days

3.3. You Get What you deserve

3.4. In Two Weeks

3.4.1. Promo video

3.4.2. Culture wants t remake him in their image

4. What did he not say about happiness

4.1. 1

4.2. 2

4.3. 3

4.4. 4

4.5. 5

4.6. 6

4.6.1. Cosmic coke machine

4.6.2. We are hanging out in John

5. John 8:2-6

5.1. Jn 8:2

5.2. Jn 8:3

5.3. Jn 8:4

5.4. Jn 8:5

5.5. Jn 8:6

5.5.1. No win situation

5.5.2. Jesus starts to write about Phil the Pharisee

5.6. John 8:7

5.6.1. Easy to see sins of others

5.6.2. Overlook our own

5.6.3. Wink a what tempts us Call abhorant what Tempts others Not saying condemn the same Have grace the same

5.7. Jn 8:8-9

5.7.1. Phil goes first

5.8. Jn 8:10

5.9. Jn 8:11

5.9.1. GO DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY Go into all the world and preach whatever makes people happy. Whoever wants to be my disciple, must affirm themselves, avoid the cross, and follow their own heart. Ask and it will be given to you, because God is your Celestial Sugar Daddy. "You be you" "Be true to yourself" "Do what makes you feel good" "You do You"

5.9.2. Go and sin no more

6. Why do we give into the temptation to sin?

6.1. Sounds fun!

6.1.1. Heb 11:25

6.2. Sin promises satisfaction at the cost of disobedience to God

6.2.1. "Follow your heart"

6.2.2. "Do what makes you happy"

6.2.3. "Be true to yourself"

6.2.4. "You be you boo boo"

6.2.5. Step by step, sin entices then destroys How did she get there Sin promises satisfaction at the cost of disobedience to God

7. Do what makes you happy!

7.1. Without a belief in absolute truth, truth is defined by whatever makes me happy.

7.2. When the bottom line is my happiness, happiness becomes the standard by which I judge my actions.

7.2.1. Know it’s wrong

7.2.2. Feels so right!

7.3. What is true for you is not true for me

7.3.1. "A is a truth based off of a person's perspective, feelings, or opinions. Everything we know is based off of our input - our senses, our perception. Thus, everything we know is subjective. All truths are subjective" AskPhilosophers.org OR "askamoron.org" "You live your truth" "I'll live my truth"

8. Root cause of the problem

8.1. So many think happiness and holiness are at odds

8.1.1. That was me

8.2. Matt 7:11

8.2.1. Looking in wrong place!

8.3. Holiness isn’t mutually exclusive of happiness.

8.4. Holiness is the pathway to true happiness and joy!

8.5. Ps 16:11

8.5.1. Fish on the beach Gets money Gets party Gets 1,000 of likes Playfish Magazine The Fish was not created for the beach If you are wondering why you are unhappy living for this world, you need to lower your expectations of this earth. You were created by God for God for things that are not of this world.

9. When you find yourself trapped!

9.1. 2

10. The letters in Red

10.1. Quotes of Jesus

11. 1

11.1. 2