Studying abroad

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Studying abroad by Mind Map: Studying abroad

1. 1.Choose a country to go to

1.1. start learning the language (English,German, Chinese, etc.)

1.2. research your destination's local Customs, Culture, and People

1.3. prepare yourself mentally

2. 2.Find study abroad programs

2.1. set an academic plan

2.2. meet with your Academic Advisor

2.3. research scholarship opportunities

2.4. choose the university to apply for

3. 3.Submit your application

3.1. read the instructions on how to apply the application

3.2. be sure to complete all requirements by the application deadline

3.3. wait fot the application's approvement

4. 4.Congratulations!You are accepted!

4.1. apply for a passport and visa

4.2. visit a travel doctor

4.3. get travel insurance

4.4. buy a plane ticket

4.5. refresh your language skills

4.6. pack some extra cash

5. 5.Start packing!

5.1. cell phones and staying in touch with home

5.2. learn tips how and what to pack for studying abroad

5.3. study the climate

5.4. make two copies of your passport information page just in case