21st century graduate

As we prepare our students to be globally ready, there are more to academic and technical competencies. This is an attempt to re-imagine our near future graduate

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21st century graduate by Mind Map: 21st century graduate

1. 1. informational skills

1.1. create meaningful information

1.2. aggregate, disintegrate, interpret information

1.2.1. Data scientist experiments

1.3. determine the channels of information

1.3.1. Information translation

1.4. preserve, protect information

1.4.1. Inviting, interfacing with experts

1.5. manage information traffic

1.5.1. Managing a virtual data center

2. 2. visual skills

2.1. ability to interpret signs and messages

2.1.1. Evaluating infographics

2.2. ability to express ideas in visuals

2.2.1. Creating infographics

2.3. active, fun and imaginative

2.3.1. Information expression

3. 4. linguistics skills

3.1. speak a local dialect

3.2. speak a foreign language other than English

3.2.1. Learning a foreign song or ritual

3.3. familiarity of language translation techniques

3.3.1. Language exchange

4. 6. health & environmental literacy

4.1. great concern for mother earth

4.2. aptitude to have personal advocacy

4.2.1. Space management

4.3. kinesthetically active

4.3.1. Ecology/astronomy drills

5. 5.crisis skills

5.1. resilient and prepared

5.2. high sense of survival

5.2.1. Emergency simulations

5.3. able to manage stress

5.4. ability to adopt changing lifestyle

5.4.1. Create a different world exercises

6. 7. ethical literacy

6.1. have great respect for others

6.1.1. Intercultural fora

6.2. have great respect for others' works and ideas

7. 3. intercultural skills

7.1. cultural exposure

7.2. cultural exchange

7.2.1. Collaborative e-journey

7.3. cultural understanding & respect

7.3.1. Cultural outbound trip

8. 8. content producer

8.1. ability to produce one's works and ideas

8.1.1. Increasing positive web visibility thru content

8.1.2. Creation of portfolio and curation

8.2. ability to express one's works and ideas in different media

8.2.1. Transmedia storytelling

8.3. ability to collaborate in the creation & use of content & distribution of content in different medium