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Teaching English by Mind Map: Teaching English

1. Constructivism

1.1. Teaching methods

1.1.1. Phenomenom Based learning Teacher`s role Facilitator objective Communicative Importance of learning and understanding Process Real context Problem solving

1.1.2. PBL Problem based learning Objective authentic production focus on meaning- undertanding Teacher`s role guide Prompter process authentic problems Student`s role explorer

1.1.3. Task based learning Teacher`s role monitor facilitator Objective learn by doing focus on meaning rather than form Process central task group work

1.1.4. Project based learning objective learning by doing presentation Teacher`s role mentor guide coach Student`s role active cooperative process work in group project

1.2. Student centered

1.3. Scaffolding

1.4. outcome

2. Behavourist

2.1. Teacher centered

2.1.1. authority

2.2. Passive learner

2.3. stimul-response

2.4. Approaches

2.4.1. Presentation Practice Production objective focus on grammar Teacher`s role prompter controller active Student`s role passive listener reproductor

2.4.2. Grammar Translation focus on grammar translation mother tongue teacher centered traditional instructor rules Student no interaction memorize passive translate

2.4.3. Communicative role play info- gap authentic material deductive learning fluency functions and notions teacher centered focus on communication meaning Speaking errors are tools

2.4.4. Audiolinguism deductive teacher centered drilling repetition/imitation Student active apprentice skills listening Speaking objective accurate pronunciation and grammar

2.4.5. Natural approach Teacher centered motivator Acquisition output language classroom learnin environment focus on meaning Activities Total physical response skills receptive