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Criminal Justice and the Study of Morality by Mind Map: Criminal
Justice and the
Study of
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Criminal Justice and the Study of Morality

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Ethics and Morality

Ethics--the philosophical study of morality; the study of what is morally right and wrong. Morality--people's values, their beliefs about right and wrong, and the choices they make and the actions they take as a result of those values and beliefs.


Ethics is largely prescriptive. In other words, ethics attemps to evaluate moral beliefs, principles, practices, and makes normative statements about what should or should not be done in light of its evaluation.

Ethics and CJ

Ethics vs. Law


The study of morality is largely descriptive. Studies offer descriptions, explanations, and sometimes predictions of moral beliefs and practices within a give culture.

Morality and CJ

The Morality of Law

Police Officer Code of Conduct