Why use images?

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Why use images? by Mind Map: Why use images?

1. affective factors, they are motivating

2. activate knowledge on topic

3. Used as texts in their own right: i.e. ask questions like

3.1. what is the message of this picture

3.2. what is happening in this picture

4. give visual information about language

4.1. e.g. a picture of an item of vocabulary

5. provide variety to the page layout

6. To provoke language use

6.1. transfer from diagram or infograph into text or speech

7. used as icons

7.1. listening icon etc.

8. signpost activities, e.g. show completion

9. provide scaffolding or context to text

10. to aid visual literacy

10.1. Our students must learn to process both words and pictures. To be visually literate, they must learn to “read” (consume/interpret) images and “write” (produce/use) visually rich communications’. (Burmark, 2008, 5)

10.2. blog or write about images they choose

10.3. generating memes

11. to encourage speculative discussion

11.1. Maley, The mind's eye, 1980

12. as a model text to prompt students to create their own

13. students create their own

13.1. emoderation skills: Hockley asks students to post pictures related to water and to post them to the forum to introduce the topic of water.

13.2. http://www.emoderationskills.com/water-smartphones-for-vocab/

14. video too.

14.1. get students to record someone answering there questions on the course topic: e.g. hobbies. Then play the video to the class.Class listen and guess the questions.

15. use of augmented reality.

15.1. watch this space