Homework 2, week of Jan. 30

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Homework 2, week of Jan. 30 by Mind Map: Homework 2, week of Jan. 30

1. Due before Feb. 6

1.1. Read and make comments on other student's notebooks for the LabVIEW random number lab (lab #2)

2. Due by Friday Night

2.1. Finish work not done in lab 2 -- I expect this to be finishing taking notes. If you need more access to LabVIEW (beyond lab session), contact Steve for access to Junior Lab

2.1.1. Have read / gone through Chapters 1-2 of Git book (In case you didn't do it last week) http://progit.org/book/ 1 AND 2!

3. Homework is very similar to week 1 (finish work & then comment on each other)