Establishing the Why

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Establishing the Why by Mind Map: Establishing the Why

1. Day 3: Use the initial ideas to establish a testable hypothesis

2. H

2.1. Google ventures uses a 5 day strategy sprint

2.1.1. Day 1: Map out the pain point or need for the product

2.1.2. Day 2: Establish existing competing solutions

2.1.3. Day 4: Create a rough product prototype

2.1.4. Day 5: Test the prototype on prospective end-users (i.e. real human beings).

3. You could start off with a strategy sprint to determine this.

3.1. This process helps you map out a clear idea of what the aims are from the outset.

3.1.1. This gives structure to your initial sprints and ensures that all developers are on the same page with the long-term goals.

3.2. The strategy sprint starts off with a strategy meeting.

3.2.1. Determine how this project will bring about a unique experience

3.2.2. Search for and understand the technology that is already available to better understand where my project is unique

3.2.3. Determine the problems that your project will solve.

3.3. Feel free to make your strategy sprint your own.

3.3.1. Consult my intuition to determine how closely you should follow someone else's model.

4. Designing, prototyping and testing your product helps to clear up your project's vision.

4.1. Using your first iteration of work for this helps establish the why.