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1. SENTENCES STRUCTURE: 1.-Subject + Linking Verb+ Adjective. 2.-Subject + Adjective + Noun.

1.1. Example: 1.-The classes are small. 2.-A smart student.

2. Adjectives Order

2.1. Number

2.1.1. one, two, three...

2.2. Opinion

2.2.1. nice, pretty, good...

2.3. Size

2.3.1. huge, tiny, small...

2.4. Shape

2.4.1. round, long, wide...

2.5. Condition

2.5.1. dirty, clean, used...

2.6. Age

2.6.1. old, new, ancient...

2.7. Color

2.7.1. reddish, blue, mauve...

2.8. Pattern

2.8.1. floral, spotted, stripped...

2.9. Origin

2.9.1. foreign, Latin, Japanese...

2.10. Material

2.10.1. golden, silver, wooden

2.11. Purpose

2.11.1. smoking, shopping, fishing

3. (-ing) & (-ed) adjectives

3.1. Present participle (-ing)

3.1.1. Cause Example: exciting, boring... They are laughing.

3.2. Past participle (-ed)

3.2.1. Feelings Example: excited, bored... They are amused.

4. Comparatives

4.1. "Er"

4.1.1. To compare 2 things/people. One syllable adjectives big->bigger Two syllable adjectives spicy->spicier Three or more syllable adjectives <-more+ adjectives: <-less + adjectives:

5. Superlatives

5.1. "Est"

5.1.1. To compare 3 or more things/ people. One syllable word big->biggest Two syllable word spicy->spiciest Three or more syllable word <-most+ adjectives: <-least + adjectives:

6. The Adjectives describe:

6.1. 1.-NOUNS

6.1.1. Adjectives can describe singular or plural nouns. Example: A diligent student gets good grades. I have awesome teachers.

6.2. 2.-PRONOUNS

6.2.1. I, You, He, She, It, We, They. Example: He is happy.

7. Example: Twenty pretty petite long clean new red lacy French silk wedding dresses.

8. COMPARATIVE SENTENCE PATTERN be verb + comparative adjective+than

8.1. Example: Portoviejo is smaller than Guayaquil.

9. SUPERLATIVE SENTENCE PATTERN be verb + the+ superlative adjective

9.1. Example: University C is the smallest university. University C is the most expensive of the 3 universities.