Improve walking experience for pet owners thanks to smart cities : What if pets would be able to ...

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Improve walking experience for pet owners thanks to smart cities : What if pets would be able to take care of their own in smart cities ? by Mind Map: Improve walking experience for pet owners thanks to smart cities : What if pets would be able to take care of their own in smart cities ?


1.1. Services

1.1.1. General public services Control towers Controlling everything including public safety Smart Parking A vehicle parking system that helps drivers find a vacant spot. Using sensors in each parking space that detect the presence or absence of a vehicle, signs direct incoming drivers to available locations. Smart directions signs Help people find the directions where they want to go and distances of the place they want to go You can scan a QR code to provide you information about the nearest facilities Smart buildings Enables the integration of energy management solutions, aimed at optimising consumption as well as promoting the safety and comfort of users. Others Charge smartphones on th bench Can enjoy augmented reality game Smart parks In the streets

1.1.2. Smart homes Gas and boiler controler Waste basket Education control Thermostats Domestic robots Wireless speaker system Lighting Door locks Water detectors Laundry machine

1.1.3. The one useful for pet owners Smart Parks Where you can enjoy augmented reality game Where you can charge your smartphone on the bench Smart poop cleaner Smart pet attractions Security camera to be safer in the street and parks when you walk your dog late at night Smart awnings

1.2. Contributions

1.2.1. Way to provide advanced services for the local residents

1.2.2. Allow to build a new industrial ecosystelm

1.2.3. Imrpove air quality

1.2.4. Reduced environmental footprint

1.2.5. Safer cities

1.2.6. Improve people quality of live Could improve the one of pets also as well as pets owners

1.3. Problems for animals in smart cities

1.3.1. Pigeon vs dronees

1.3.2. Not adapted for animals


1.4.1. Interactive websites Link pets with people looking to adopt one

1.4.2. Licensing apps

1.4.3. Social media Way to attract people to the animal shelter Ex: by posting pictures of animals ready for adoption Way for animals to find new homes in an easier way and faster

1.4.4. Smart collars quality of sleep monitor activity levels shows calories burned shows overall health and behaviour at all times integrated with a gps tracker to help owners easily track their pet

1.4.5. Smartfeeders can be set up to have automatic feedings that can be personalized based on the pet The food portion can be tailored to the pet by their age, weight, and activity

1.4.6. Smart toys Automatic ball launcher an interactive Wi-Fi pet camera through which you can monitor, talk to, and interact with your pets when you are not here, video communication device to see your pet and to see it also

1.4.7. Self cleaning litter box

1.4.8. FACIAL RECOGNITION SOFTWARE benefits a way to reunites pets and their owners like after disasters Improve pets owners walking experience as they are less stress to loose their pets like the one that could escape easily Can find owners pets when they lost them uses pictures of the pets and match them with the one that have been find

1.4.9. Pets cleaner smart machine a robot that automatically pick up your pet poop in smart cities this should be implement for instance in the parks so that pet owners don't have to always pick up their pets poop

1.4.10. Treadmills with VR These upcoming treadmills substitute outdoor walks for the pet, in case the owners are unable to find time

1.4.11. Translators Pet translators have come into existence, using acute sensors to understand what the pet wishes to communicate.


2.1. HOW ?

2.1.1. On the evenning after work Mostly during the week

2.1.2. On family walks (usually) in the week end

2.1.3. On the morning before going to work

2.1.4. When running

2.1.5. When you have time during leisure time

2.2. WHERE ?

2.2.1. OUTDOOR Pet parks In the city Outside the city Countryside In the woods, forests Hikings Seaside Swimming Running on the beach

2.2.2. INDOOR Education school Sports Indoor pet parks Use pet treadmills Pet gyms Pets yoga places

2.3. WHY ?

2.3.1. Give them exercice to stay fit and healthy

2.3.2. A way to spend themselves

2.3.3. Physical benefits

2.3.4. Psychological benefits

2.3.5. Help boost their mood

2.3.6. Helps with socialization

2.3.7. Reduce risks od disease

2.3.8. Boost hapiness

2.3.9. Also some benefits for the pet owner

2.4. Problems that encounters pets owners when walking them

2.4.1. Pets that don't need to be walked Robot pets Living pets

2.4.2. They always need to be walked

2.4.3. You always need to clean their poop

2.4.4. It takes time

2.4.5. They always want to play

2.4.6. You are scared that they escape

2.4.7. Sometimes you are bored

2.4.8. When it is rainy you don't want to walk them

2.4.9. Safety problems with dangerous pets for instance Always need to take safety measure when walking them Wear reflective Clothing Always keep Them on a Leash Take a Flashlight with You Stay on the Sidewalk Make sure it wears identification



3.1.1. Problems of having pets Takes time Financial issues: expensive Diseases Food Beating strangers Hygiene issues What to do of your pets when you go travelling ? Who will feed him ?


3.2.1. Families

3.2.2. Professionals

3.2.3. Big pet owners (more than 4 pets)

3.2.4. Singlehousehols

3.2.5. Kennels

3.2.6. Old people

3.2.7. The blind an app that helps the blinds with directions in smart cities


3.3.1. Young pets, Babies less responsible scared of the outside less controllable over-excited when they see other animals

3.3.2. Adults Easier to maintain Already know the outside

3.3.3. Domestic pets Dogs Cats Horses But not really a domestic one Rabbits Birds Freswater Fish Fox

3.3.4. Pets that would / could need to be walked Dogs The one that is walked the most Cats Ferrets

3.3.5. Robot pets

3.3.6. Sweet ones

3.3.7. Dangerous pets Chaained dogs Stray cats Feral rabbits Puppy meals