The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Story Boy who cried wolf

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Mind Map: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

1. Setting

1.1. People

1.1.1. Boy

1.1.2. Wolf

1.1.3. Villagers

1.1.4. Sheep

1.2. Place

1.2.1. Hillside

1.2.2. Village

2. Third person point of view

3. Story

3.1. Beginning

3.1.1. Boy was bored

3.1.2. Cried wolf when there was no wolf

3.1.3. Villagers ran to help

3.1.4. Laughed at angry villagers

3.1.5. Villagers told him not to cry wolf when no wolf is there.

3.2. Middle

3.2.1. Cried wolf again when no wolf

3.2.2. Villagers ran up hill again

3.2.3. Villagers told him to not cry wolf when no wolf

3.3. End

3.3.1. Wolf did come

3.3.2. Boy cried wolf

3.3.3. No one came

3.3.4. Sheep scattered

3.3.5. Boy was sad

4. What did we learn

4.1. No one believes a liar even when they tell the truth.

4.2. Telling the truth is important