Warming up in basketball (1)

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Warming up in basketball (1) by Mind Map: Warming up in basketball (1)

1. All of this in half of the court

2. Global warming up

2.1. Run 5 minutes

2.2. Knees high

2.3. Heel back

2.4. Turn hip, left to right and right to left

2.5. Stretch arms

2.6. Turn neck, left to right and right to left

3. Especific warming up

3.1. Run to the basket with the ball and throw the ball(5-7 minutes)

3.2. Pass the ball run, receive the ball and throw(5-6 minutes)

4. Cool down

4.1. Walk a little

4.2. Stretch legs (first groin then quadriceps)

4.3. Stretch arms

4.4. Stretch hand dolls