Has gaming in museum improved the visit experience of kids or distracted them from the content of...

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Has gaming in museum improved the visit experience of kids or distracted them from the content of museums? by Mind Map: Has gaming in museum improved the visit experience of kids or distracted them from the content of museums?

1. different kinds of visit

1.1. visit with families

1.2. visit organized by school

1.3. visit with friends

2. different types of game

2.1. sports

2.2. lawn games

2.3. tabletop games

2.4. dexterity and coordination games

2.5. board games

2.6. card games

2.7. Domino and tile games

2.8. Pencil and paper games

2.9. Dice games

2.10. Pencil and paper games

2.11. Guessing games

2.12. Video games

2.13. Online games

2.14. Role-playing games

2.15. Business games

2.16. Simulation

3. what is game

3.1. definition of games A game is a structured form of play, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game

3.1.1. significance of gaming according to its definition as an educational tool for enjoyment

4. different kinds of museum

4.1. Agricultural museums

4.2. Architecture museums

4.3. Archaeology museums

4.4. Art museums

4.5. Biographical museums

4.6. Automobile museums

4.7. Children's museums

4.8. Design museums

4.9. Encyclopedic museums

4.10. Ethnology or ethnographic museums

4.11. Historic house museums

4.12. History museums

4.13. Living history museums

4.14. Maritime museums

4.15. Medical museums

4.16. Memorial museums

4.17. Military and war museums

4.18. Mobile museums

4.19. Natural history museums

4.20. Open-air museums

4.21. Pop-up museums

4.22. Science museums

4.23. Specialized museums

4.24. Virtual museums

4.25. Zoological parks and botanic gardens

5. museum games

5.1. video of introduction of museum games

5.1.1. organization mentioned in the video The Smithsonian Institution The Smithsonian Institution is the world's largest museum, education, and research complex. We are a community of learning and the opener of doors. Join us on a voyage of discovery in person or learn and explore online. https://www.si.edu Green Door Labs introduction: WE WORK WITH ORGANIZATIONS TO MAKE ANY PROJECT INTO SOMETHING SPECIAL, WITHIN YOUR BUDGET AND ACCORDING TO YOUR NEEDS. Work with us to help you build, edit or alter a custom project. We understand what it is to be an education nonprofit and we'll help you to stretch your game-building budget as far as it will go, all while delivering something fun, meaningful and right for your audience! License our incredible EDVENTURE BUILDER to build and edit your own interactive content, teach courses, guide people through your space. Have students or families build their own games then test, edit, change and build again with this easy-to-use text-based platform. https://www.greendoorlabs.com examples of games designed contact

5.2. scholar articles about museum games

5.2.1. Matching serious games with museum’s educational roles: smart education in practice par 2019 | In English Journal: Interactive Technology and Smart Education, 2019, Vol. 16, Issue 4, pp. 319-342. This study presents the first meta-analysis of research in this emergent multidisciplinary field. It will help serious game designers, museum educators and educational practitioners to make decisions regarding the choice of game type, customization and content design to support informal learning in the specific context of museum educational activities.

5.2.2. Educational Games to Enhance Museum Visits for Schools par 2018 | In English Journal: Journal of Educational Technology & Society. 21(4):171-186 this paper provides a guideline to design educational games in collaboration with a museum, shows that mini educational games help students in learning artistic concepts and that motion-based touchless interfaces are not really adapted for classroom use.

5.2.3. CoboChild: a blended mobile game-based learning service for children in museum contexts par 2018 | In English Journal: Data Technologies and Applications, 2018, Vol. 52, Issue 3, pp. 294-312. This study developed a blended mobile game-based learning service to effectively support children’s learning in museum contexts.

5.2.4. The Meaning Makes It Fun: Game-Based Learning for Museums par 2011 | In English Journal: The Journal of Museum Education. 36(3):261-268 Museum games can be a powerful meaning-making experience for players, but only if we understand that what makes games fun is also what makes them meaningful.

5.2.5. Museums, games, and historical imagination: Student responses to a games-based experience at the Australian national maritime museum par 2016 | In English Journal: Digital Culture & Education , Vol 8, Iss 3 (2016) Museum games maximizes the potential of digital games, enhances historical awareness and understanding, builds links to formal curriculum, and strengthens partnerships between schools and museums.