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psychology by Mind Map: psychology

1. Sexism can have a major affect on women's mental health

2. sexism in the workplace can cause women to feel discouraged and there could be a decaying in women employees.

3. some people just act on scenarios they see in the moment to add on to the sexism

4. Does it depend on how one was raised to apply what they know in the future with discrimination?

5. What do you think goes on in one's mind to make them think its okay to discriminate?

6. How do women feel knowing sexism is still something that happens in today's society?

7. Women wanted to prove their worth especially when the men went off to war

8. Sexism was a really big thing in the past

9. This becomes a big issue because in the workplace, people develop their behavior of sexism because of what they have seen in the past, making it a bigger issue

10. This relates to my topic because a child could see sexism in his house and apply that to his future

11. he believes behavior develops in a child's life

12. John watson

13. Key concepts:

14. Theory/Theorist:

15. sexism in the workplace

16. Questions:

17. History