Health Information Technologies

Health Care Information Technology Mind Map

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Health Information Technologies by Mind Map: Health Information Technologies

1. Electronic Medical Records

1.1. Improves quality

1.2. Lower costs

1.3. Reduces time

1.4. Increases accessibility

1.5. Increase need for data security

2. Electronic Prescribing

2.1. Improves safety and quality

2.2. Less time spent time writing, faxing, calling-in rx’s

2.3. Higher drug surveillance

2.4. Less patient handling (less fraud incidence)

2.5. Chance of entry errors

3. E-Health

3.1. Health maintenance via apps to record and upload food, glucose, BP, etc. logs

3.2. Online portal to access records and test results

3.3. Reduction in the accuracy of diagnosis

3.4. Remote monitoring and virtual appointments with providers

3.5. Pro and con could be the lack of in-person evaluation

4. Electronic Disease Registries

4.1. Ease in transmission/storage of patient data, medical history, and vaccine records

4.2. Improved organization and integrate data

4.3. Quicker to sort and filter reports and information

4.4. Powerful tool to track and manage chronic disease trends and performance of devices

4.5. Data is encrypted