Mobile Learning

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Mobile Learning by Mind Map: Mobile Learning

1. Characteristics

1.1. mobile

1.2. Convenient

1.3. Collaborative

2. Benefits

2.1. Light Weight Device

2.2. New Technology

2.3. Blended Learning Approach

2.4. Supports the Learning process

3. Constraints

3.1. Connectivity

3.2. Battery Life

3.3. Bandwitdth

3.4. File/Assets Format supported

4. Future of E-Learning

4.1. Location aware learning

4.2. Point-and-shoot learning with camera phones and 2D codes

4.3. Near Field Communications (NFC) secure transactions

4.4. Sensors and accelerometers in mobile devices - to sense movement or vibrations

5. Delivery

5.1. Cell or smartphones,

5.2. Mobile devices

5.3. serve as powerful data collection tools and facilitate the capture of user created context.