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SPAIN by Mind Map: SPAIN



1.1.1. Mountains that sourround it Montes de León Cantabrian ranges Sistema Ibérico Sierra Morena

1.1.2. Outer mountain ranges Macizo galaico Pyrenees Baetic System Catalan mediterrean sea

1.1.3. River basin Ebro basin Guadalquivir basin

1.1.4. Island reliefs Balearic archipelago Canary archipelago

1.1.5. Inland reliefs Montes de Toledo Central System


2.1. Cantabrian watershed rivers

2.1.1. Bidasoa

2.1.2. Nervión

2.1.3. Deva

2.1.4. Sella

2.1.5. Nalón

2.1.6. Narcea

2.1.7. Navia

2.2. Atlantic watershed rivers

2.2.1. Miño

2.2.2. Duero

2.2.3. Tajo

2.2.4. Guadiana

2.2.5. Guadalquivir

2.3. Mediterranean watershed rivers

2.3.1. Ebro

2.3.2. Júcar

2.3.3. Ter, Llobregat, Turia, Segura...


3.1. Catalan coasts

3.1.1. They offer great contrasts with deltas, small coastal plains and coastal cliffs. DELTA DEL EBRO LLOBREGAT AND TORDERA DELTAS CORDILLERA LITORAL

3.2. Balearic islands coasts

3.2.1. They are generally high and indented, with capes, islets and roocky reefs.

3.3. Gulf of Valencia

3.3.1. It forms a wide arc that ends at the Delta del Ebro.

3.4. Betic coast

3.4.1. They stretches from Gibraltar to Cabo de la Nao (Alicante). Gulf of Alicante Segura river basin Mar Menor

3.5. Canary islands coast

3.5.1. High coasts of vertical steep cliffs eroded by the sea coexist with low coasts of stone or sandy beaches, where dunes are formed.

3.6. Andalusian Atlantic coast

3.6.1. It forms a large arc between the Portuguese border and the Rock of Gibraltar. Guadiana, Odiel, Tinto, Guadalquivir, Guadalete and Barbete flow into the Gulf of Cadiz.

3.7. Cantabrian coast

3.7.1. It extends from the Ribadeo ria to the mouth of the Miño. RIAS ALTAS Viveiro, Foz, Ortigueira. RIAS BAJAS Arosa, Pontevedra, Vigo.