English A2 Review

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English A2 Review by Mind Map: English A2 Review

1. Einstein's Dream

1.1. Characters

1.1.1. Groups Lovers New node New node Children Artists Scientist "other people" "such people" Couples nows laters

1.1.2. Einstein New node

1.1.3. Besso

1.1.4. New node

1.2. Location of dreams

1.2.1. Town

1.2.2. Mountains

1.2.3. New node

1.3. Set up

1.3.1. Prolouge

1.3.2. Dreams time?!?"#?!"

1.3.3. Interlude

1.4. Symboles

1.4.1. clocks time

1.4.2. Alps heights

1.5. Themes

1.5.1. Time

1.5.2. Man vs. self

1.5.3. Man vs. nature

2. The Handmaid's Tale

2.1. Symbols

2.1.1. Blood/red Sacrificing the lamp jesus

2.1.2. flowers Beauty The handmaids fertility Childeren fertility and the garden of Serena Joy

2.2. Themes

2.3. Government

2.3.1. Eyes

2.3.2. Commanders

2.3.3. Commanders' wives

2.3.4. Doctors & Angels

2.3.5. Handmaids & Autnts

2.3.6. Marthas

2.3.7. Unwomen

2.4. Dystopian Socienty

2.5. Characters

2.6. Resistance towards the system

2.6.1. Moira lesbian vs Whore vs Feminist Strong character, like Offered´s mother Escapes from Gilead, but is captured. Moira is given the choice between the colonies and Jazabell (a night club). Moire chooses Jazabell to work as a whore Large scale rebelions Fails at the end, she is broken

2.6.2. Offred Passive Handmaid Small scale rebelions Relationship with Nick, who is a mirror of her lost husband Luke Lost her child who was taken by the government

2.6.3. May-Day

3. Slaughterhouse 5

3.1. Characters

3.1.1. Vonnegut -- Pilgrim

3.1.2. O'Hare

3.1.3. Edgar Derby

3.1.4. Montana Wildhack

3.1.5. Billy's family Valencia Barbara Robert Billy's Mum Billy's Dad

3.1.6. Kilgore Trout

3.2. Setting

3.2.1. Time-Travel (novel places) War Dresden English prison Tralfamadore Zoo America Billy's office Billy's house Hospital of veterans

3.2.2. Real life (real places) Chicago Pennsylvania

3.3. Themes

3.3.1. Perception of the reality

3.3.2. Time "The most important thing I learned on Tralfamadore was..." (22)

3.3.3. Free Will Serenity Prayer (172) "Only on Earth is there any talk of free will" (70)

3.3.4. War "All there is to say about a massacre..." (16)

3.4. Symbols

3.4.1. "Poo-tee-weet?"

3.4.2. Blue and Ivory Fragility of the thin membrane between life and death While Billy is in the Billy's own hands and feet are blue and ivory, as are those of the corpses he glimpses during his march as prisoner of war (65)

4. 1984 (George Orwell)

4.1. Characters

4.1.1. Winston Smith Protagonist

4.1.2. Julia

4.1.3. Big Brother

4.1.4. Mr. Charrington

4.1.5. O'Brien

4.1.6. Emmanuel Goldstein An old Jewish man with white hair and a goatee. Former party leader but now the great leader of the resistance against Big Brother. People view him as the devil and he personifies the evil.

4.1.7. Katharine

4.1.8. Tom Parson (Family)

4.1.9. Prole Woman

4.1.10. Syme

4.1.11. Old Man Winston consults this old man to learn about the past, before he was born to learn how history has evolved and how it has been manipulated

4.2. Themes

4.2.1. Victory Set by the party

4.2.2. Free Will

4.2.3. Loyalty and Corruption

4.2.4. Utopia/Dystopia 1984 is set in a dystopian society

4.2.5. Patriotism

4.2.6. Reality/Illusion Paradoxes "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength" Names of Ministries

4.3. Setting

4.3.1. Oceania London, England Ministries Apartment Community Centre

4.3.2. Eastasia

4.3.3. Eurasia

4.3.4. 1984