Forces in the nucleus

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Forces in the nucleus by Mind Map: Forces in the nucleus

1. What are

1.1. Are the forces that act between two or more nucleons.

2. How work

2.1. They bind protons and neutrons (“nucleons”) into atomic nuclei. 

3. Types

3.1. There are two kinds of particle in the nucleus of an atom

3.1.1. Protons Protons carry positive charge +e .

3.1.2. Neutrons Neutrons are uncharged.

4. What are Strong nuclear

4.1. Are the fact that does not happen is very good evidence for the existence of an attractive force between the nucleons

5. How work strong nuclear

5.1. Acts over very short distances

6. Diluting the protons

6.1. In small nuclei the strong nuclear force from all the nucleons reaches most of the others in the nucleus , but as we go on adding protons and neutrons the balance becomes much finer

7. Adding more neutrons

7.1. Helps to keep the nucleus stable

8. Most of the atoms make up our world have a stable nuclei