Ways to help friends resolve conflicts

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Ways to help friends resolve conflicts by Mind Map: Ways to help friends resolve conflicts

1. Someone is getting physically hurt/bullied - Princess

1.1. You go in and help them or call someone with authority

1.2. Stand there and laugh just like the rest of the people and not do anything about it

2. Show them that the situation is stupid and that what the other person did was wrong but there is no need to make the situation worse. - Seth M.

2.1. A positive result would be that the problem ends and no one gets hurt. - Seth M.

2.1.1. A positive result could also be that the problem doesn't persist - prineess

2.2. A negative result would be that the other person decides to get physical and your friend has no choice but to fight back and they both get in trouble/hurt - Seth M.

2.2.1. A negative result could also be that no one is mature enough to forget about it - princess

3. Look at the situation at both of their views.-Anna

3.1. Negative- One person might have a better argument then the other and I might accidentally choose one.

3.2. Positive- Saying both of their problems out loud might see the other persons point of view and then they will stop arguing.

4. Offer your support-Catherine

4.1. Positive- They will be appreciative, and thank you for their support.-Catherine

4.2. Negative- They will get annoyed, or they might take it the wrong way.-Catherine

4.3. A positive result would be that your friend trust you even more and he/she knows that you have their back.

4.4. negative- they might think they're right.

5. you can help them with the situation and give advice to both people or friends that have a conflict between each other-Mo

6. calm them down so they can think properly- Miriam

6.1. Positive- they can rethink the situation

6.2. Negative- It might not work and they'll be angry at.

6.3. Positive- They will see the persons other view.-Catherine

7. Look at both sides of the situation, and try to help so its fair for both of them. - Ahmedi

8. Scan both sides of the conflict and try to understand the situation. then try to give your friend advice that will help him now and in the future -Alejandro

8.1. positive - Shows that you care about your friend

8.2. negative - other side of the conflict might think you are being biased

9. Help the friends to stop fighting and to start playing more with each other. - Garin

10. Try to understand both sides of the argument and get on the side of the person who is right about the argument - Amal

10.1. Positive: The other person in the argument realizes that he is wrong and accepts it

10.2. Negative: The other person doesnt agree and the conflict gets worse

11. A way to resolve conflicts is to let them breathe in and out. Then give them advice on how to fix their relationship or your's and his. -Zaki

12. Think of what you will feel if you were in their shoes and make sure to view both sides of their conflict.-Afnan

12.1. Positive- You really understand them and fix their problem.

12.1.1. Negative- You misunderstood their problem and it didnt work out