Olivia Hoppy's 9th Grade Classes

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Olivia Hoppy's 9th Grade Classes by Mind Map: Olivia Hoppy's 9th Grade Classes

1. Ecology

1.1. Mr.Stair

1.1.1. Like: I have it with my friends and its fun

1.1.2. Dislike: it's not interesting because I don't like Ecology

2. Plane Geometry

2.1. Mr.Hook

2.1.1. Like: I have it with friends and it's interesting

2.1.2. Dislike: My grades in Plane Geometry are NOT good

3. Gym

3.1. Mr.Shipman

3.1.1. Like: It's almost like a free period to do activites

3.1.2. Dislike: I get all ugly looking and gross, and it's little time to change back into my regular clothes

4. Publications 1

4.1. Mrs.Phillips

4.1.1. Like: It's super fun and interesting

4.1.2. Dislike: Alot of concentration needs to go into it

5. (H) English

5.1. Mrs.Phillips

5.1.1. Like: It's easy and we read lots of books

5.1.2. Dislike: The test we get are hard and it takes alot of concentration

6. 21 Centry

6.1. Mrs. Marshman

6.1.1. Like: Working with computers and experincing new things

6.1.2. Dislike: Max sits by me

7. Spanish 1

7.1. Mrs.Stair

7.1.1. Like: Watching videos

7.1.2. Dislike: Trying to learn Spanish because I don't understand it.

8. History

8.1. Mrs.Chapin

8.1.1. Like: When we do projects and work together in groups

8.1.2. Dislike: Taking all the notes!

9. Resource

9.1. Mr.Plyer

9.1.1. Like: We do whatever we want

9.1.2. Dislike: That i'm in the same room as Luke Henger

10. New node