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COMM 391 Section 203 Phase 3 by Mind Map: COMM 391 Section 203 Phase 3
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COMM 391 Section 203 Phase 3

Group 316

Exceptional The level of depth is very nice. Your thoughts are well developed and you've gone beyond the obvious facts. Good work.

CREATING INFROMATION: CW collects big amounts of detailed Data from its clients and compiles reports and matches between employees and employers. Data Mining, recommender systems and algorithms make use of the data and create usable information.

REVENUE CREATION: Since CW is a intermediary, the company can use infromation to assess the salary employers are willing to pay and the salary employees are willing to accept. The spread between the two is CW's revenue (the industry average is about 10-20%).

VALUE PROPOSITION: Providing a reliable and effective match between job seekers and employers that improves the life of the individual and the success of the company. To achieve our value proposition we will employ the recommender system. This system will make use of a wide variety of data as outlines in this tree. Using DSS allows to make semi-structured decisions. Since we have data about employers and employees and can develop a performance history over time, the system can make sound predictions about the future.

INFORMATION NEEDED CityWorkforce requires a lot of Data to create valuable information. External information is important to make accurate forecasts about what resources CW will need to employ to fulfil market demand. Internal information about the clients is extremely important to create a perfect match. We distinguish internal information between information about the employee and about the employer. In all cases: the information needs to be up to date at all times.

Internal: Matching employee and employer data to find overlaps and create a good recommendation is the process that creates information. For example: Matching the skills an employee has with the skills the employer demands. Data Collection: First, both employers and employees provide CW with data. Over time CW creates profiles for both clients that measure performance of employees, characteristics of employers/ees. The profile will be enhanced by feedback from both clients and makes the data matching more accurate., About Employer, What is the employer looking for?, What is the available budget?, Needed Skillset, What is the work environment like?, About Employee, Experience, Expectations, Work Attitude, Available Skills

External, Demographics, Example: Demographics helps CW to analyse which people are looking for which jobs. Geographic data can also help in the matching process., Job demand within specific sectors, CW can focus on high demand sectors. Forecasts on job demand helps resource allocation, Current going wage rate, Allows CW to make competitive suggestions for its clients and also allows CW to operate in industries where wage pressure is low, Competitiors to CW, Affects revenue margin and competitors have to be looked at constantly. CW should operate in niche sectors of the job market to avoid price wars

Group 305

Weak- We really liked seeing the fact that you gave us a large list of information that your company would require, in order to support your company’s strategy and attain the objectives outlined in your value proposition. That being said, your group did not meet the requirements of this exercise. You did not justify why you needed all of this information. Furthermore, you were not specific enough on as to what exactly the information is, and at times you were far too vague, for example when you were talking about “Required Services”. Furthermore, you did not specify on as to where you would get all of this information from, how you would get this information, and (to a lesser extent) how this information would be used. Next time, please be more specific and provide more details in order to get a better grade

Value Proposition: provide a reasonably priced, friendly and secure moving system personalized to the customer's needs and time constraints

Revenue Model: customers pay for our time, equipment and expertise (Sales Revenue Model), Information Needed:, Scheduling / Location, Make sure we can meet our value proposition for reliable and timely service, Make sure we can do the highest number of services while meeting our quality requiremenets, Geography of city, Known the best routes to ensure efficiency, Industry demand, Trends in the housing market (turnover. . .), Competitor pricing, Required services, to keep our service customizable we must be able to meet the specific demand of each customer and adapt to changes, Information about customer preferences and consumer behaviour, Reacting to different ethnic and language requirements, We should know how customers choose a moving company: to ensure that they choose us

Group 301

Good Your group did everything that was required of you. Your group specified the different type of information that you would need in order to be able to achieves your firms goals, but you also justified and gave good reasons as to why you needed all of this information. We also liked seeing the fact that you specified where this information would come from, and how you would collect it. The only thing that was lacking, is that you did not talk about how you were going to analyze all of this data (what software/technology you would use) in order to turn it into useful information.

Sales revenue model

CityWorkforce will have two sets of buyers: Companies who look for employees to fill temporary positions, and individuals who sign with CityWorkforce to look for jobs, Information needed for companies: - database of candidates' qualifications, skills, experiences in order to find a good match - when candidates fill out their information and hand in resumes, we immediately filter them into different industry databases that are suitable for them. Therefore when companies need a position to be filled, we can search through the specific industry or skill set that candidates have. We do not need to filter through our entire database of candidates. - interview candidates before they sign with our company to ensure that they will be the best possible employees, Information needed for individuals who sign with us: - complete list of company jobs that need to be filled - have detailed job descriptions, know what skills employers are looking for - statistics and information for each industry, Implement a database system where companies and candidates can rank and evaluate each other after their temporary job term is complete

Group 301: Value proposition: Offer companies access to a large pool of skilled individuals in order to fill temporary positions within a short period of time, helping companies stay competitive and flexible to changes in the economy. As well, we offer personalized services to individuals who sign with us to ensure that qualified individuals are matched with the best positions.

To deliver personalized services: we need knowledge about the Canadian economic situation and environment. Regarding job openings and local companies' standings. We must be aware of economic policies, and updates. Also, the employment requirements and statistics for the different industries., Get to know each candidates' skill through personal interviews, so their agent is able to establish a relationship with them., Knowledge about economic situation through secondary data research such as Canada statistics

For the prompt response we need IT to effectively manage a large database of candidates. In order to match the companies' required skills with the ones each candidate offers, therefore we require full information from both sides, From the company we need the exact job description, their organizational culture and values., From the candidates we need to know their education level, job experiences, their personality and values to figure out their specific skills., Our database needs to have this information organized in a suitable way, in order to create the best possible match between candidates and companies in an effective and prompt manner.

What information does the company need in order to fulfill the value proposition and revenue model? How do you create it?

Group 306

Good- Your group did a very good job of identifying the types of information that your company would need, in order to support your company’s strategy and achieve your value proposition. We liked seeing that you tried to come up with a large number of different types of information you would need in order to help a certain part of your business. You also did a decent job of identifying why you would need such information, and how it could help your business, but we would have liked to see you go into a little bit more detail when explaining why you needed this information. Lastly, your group also did a good job of identifying how you would collect the data that your company required, and we liked seeing that you considered both purchasing secondary data, as well as doing your own primary research. But, we would have liked to see you talk a little bit about how your company was going to analyze some of this data in order to turn it into useful information (what Information Systems would you use?)

Value proposition

MoveIT offers upscale moving and furnishing services which are conveniently tailored to our customer's individual needs and preferences. MoveIT: a single step between you and your dream home.

Revenue model

MoveIT generates revenue through selling its moving services (skilled employee labour and equipment) and its furnishing services (choose, order, and move in new furniture).

Info will be collected via customer feedback and free and available information such as 10k reports and google maps. Another option is to hire a consultant/ economist for information.

Information Needed

Scheduling, Database with customer ids and names, dates, addresses/contact information, employees assigned to job, equipment assigned to job. With a flawlessly booked schedule we will be able to deliver the high-quality service promised by our value proposition and bring in as much revenue as possible (services are perishable and therefore proper scheduling is a key factor in maximizing potential revenue).

Routing, Use a DIS to find the most productive route to the necessary destination.

Human Resources, Database with employee ids and names, hire date, wages, hours worked, benefits, absentee/ sick days, historical positive feedback/ complaints filed. Our employees are a key component in providing convenient and luxurious services and we must therefore be sure to have the best quality labour force possible. A good database with employee information will allow us to compensate/promote them accordingly, give feedback, help with the hiring process, and if necessary help determine who to terminate. Keeping track of historical turnover will also allow MoveIT to predict the necessary promotions and hiring needed to be prepared.

Competitive Environment, Database with competitor info (such as pricing, market share, …), economic conditions, demographics of operational region, average moving industry wages..

Quality control/ Customer service, Customer feedback, complain history/ how resolved, customer preferences, … This information allows us to continuously improve our services. This is very important information to consider because not only is word-of-mouth and previous customer referrals a huge factor in revenue, it is also the largest factor in the better business bureau’s grading scale of moving companies. Added regional area to help determine if there are geographical factors or city limits that prevent top-notched quality. This will help to improve our standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Historical Revenues/Costs, Keeping close track of revenues and costs over time will allow us to spot trends in moving service demand throughout the year, which will allow us to be more efficient in staffing, scheduling, and keeping enough equipment ready for operations.

Supplier Relationship, Database on leased out workers and companies, which include internal reviews of them. This will allow when a customer from outside of the Vancouver area wants to do a move through us that we will be able to deliver and find the best temporary workers.

Marketing/Target market, As a whole, our target market’s preferences, lifestyle, budget

Customer Profiles, customer ids/ names/contact information, order history, furnishing preferences, returns, and complaints/feedback. This will allow us to bettor tailor our services to our individual customers and offer superior CRM.

Group 307

Adequate+ Your group did a very good job identifying the information and data needs of your company in order to support your strategy. We liked seeing that you also gave valid justification as to why your company would need this information, and how your company would use it. There are some problems with your mind map though. You were not specific enough in terms of how your company would collect this information, and where you would obtain all of this information. We would like to see some more specifics in terms of both your primary and secondary information needs on as to where that data will come from. It would also be good if you could specify what technology you would use (type) in order to analyze that data.

Our Primary information needs for our company is data on the recent and long term performance of stocks, and other financial instruments, as well as other fundamental indicators of the company's we are investing in. We would probably use our programs to analyse information culled from both public sources like the TSX and private sources like the Bloomberg service. This information would include stock prices, company earnings and ratios, government reports, and economic indicators, industry agrigate data, and other indicators. Our analysts and programs would then base their projections on companies future performance on these indicators. This would then form the biases for what stocks and other financial instruments we would invest our clients money in.

Our second area where we need information is on our customers, since we are in a customer focused industry of personal investing. We need to collect information on people’s names, age, income level, risk tolerance, and other factors, so that our brokers are able to offer our clients the right services and portfolio mixes at the right time. As well by centralizing this information it makes it easier to deal with brokers retiring, and insure a continuity of service across our company.

Group 318

Weak- You've made some interesting insights but unfortunately not related to this phase. The focus in this case is the information needed to deliver the quality, detail-oriented care that you promise and the data needed to form that information. Start with your value proposition and work backwards: how do you achieve that value, what information do you need to make that happen and how are you going to collect or create that information.

Value Proposition

We deliver detail-oriented and quality driven healthcare service, at the fastest possible rate., How do we create value, We will develop a patient screening process creating an efficiency-geared structure, where all of our patients will be able to receive the fastest quality service possible, Our continued investment in modern technology allows us to provide maximum possible service variety, including anything from knee replacements to CT scans., By aligning with the public sector we are able to decrease competition threats, Information Required, We need to consider restrictive government regulations on Canadian healthcare systems, particularly on the private sector, as well as current public opinion and well-being, Our target market is patients with a strong medical history looking to avoid lengthy wait times for complication-free surgeries in the public system., Consider public opinion on public vs. private healthcare as since private is more expensive public may be more popular as it is more easily available

Revenue Model

Sales Revenue Model: We derive our revenue by selling health services to our clients

We are looking to decrease costs, rather than focusing on increasing revenue as we cannot increase pricing for our services, as dictated by government regulation

Also by increasing throughput we will be able to increase profits, therefore our value proposition will be in line with our methods

We can increase company personality and advertisement, especially in areas such as hospitals so as to increase clientele volume

Group 319

Weak The map shows that you've considered the information you will need at a very high level. First, you need to drill down to the raw data level. Think about exactly what it is that you are measuring or recording. For example, what exactly are you measuring to decide how many trucks you will need? Then go backwards and consider how you will obtain this data in the first place. Where are your numbers and figures coming from?

Value Proposition: We are a fast and convenient moving company designed to accommodate all moving needs in an orderly and efficient manner compared to other moving companies who focus speed but not quality

Information Needed

We will need to understand the business strategies and capabilities of our competitors. We will need to know there market segment and we will need to figure out whether we will target the same segment or another. We will need this information to differentiate.

We will need to know our costs and expenses related to the operation of our business as well as marketing. Costs include labour, gas, maintenance, advertising. We will need this information to allow us to cost differentiate., Specifically: how many trucks are needed, what sizes, average moving per day, labour required, packing details, administration, efficient allocation of resources. Web developer, Database technology., We need to know how much to charge, whats our gross margin, average wages of employees in the moving industry, how to increase revenue and efficiency. Create good connections with our suppliers, encourage discounts if required for referrals, provide estimates for larger movings, customizable fee structure.

Customers: We need to understand our customers, what their needs and wants are and mainly how to fulfill those needs. In addition we need to be able to create value for customers to ensure a successful business

New node

Group 320

Adequate The information you've considered is useful but simply saying you will mine your website to get it is not enough. To improve, consider customers' privacy concerns and the process that gets the data onto your website in the first place. Also, you may want to consider how you are going to enforce a commission-based revenue model through an online or mobile platform.

Personal Information to select ideal properties for clients.

Buying Preferences, Family size, future family size, amenities wanted within house

Availability of residential properties

Value Proposition: We help find the house of your dreams at the least cost and hassle. Providing flexibility, affordability and ease of use in all of your real estate transactions.

Who are we serving?, Clients who wish to sell their homes on their own, Clients who wish to sell their homes through a real estate agent, Need to know the current situation of clients through data mining from our website, Marital Status, Children, Income, Neighbourhood Choices, Current address, Clients who wish to buy homes on their own, Clients who buy through an agent

For what need?, Real estate needs, What clients are looking for in a home, # of bedrooms, Amenities in the house, Finishings, Age

With what service?, site visits, finding suitable property options tailored to customer needs, Alternative listing database to MLS, Pool customer information into a single client database so staff can easily access information regarding their preferences in property, a mobile application that allows clients to go through the process of buying/selling their home on their own

That provides this benefit, personalized experience, reduced costs for clients

Which is unique

because of ...

Through an alternative website platform, we will be able to capture not only the listings and sales from those who wish to use a realtor, but also the FSBOS. by charging a lower commission rate or flat fee we will appeal to everyone. we will make up the lost revenues by doing more volume. This will provide home owners with the option of listing and selling their home by themselves effectively or they can use a realtor at a cost effective fee. We will be able to capture all users of this websites past history and buying behaviours. We can find out their family size and thus infer their needs in order to only promote relative listings to them.

Revenue Model

Commission based system, We will be relying on lower commissions but higher volume of sales through our mobile app and website platforms

Group 315

Weak The market information section could be useful but the main focus of this phase is the information you need to get to your competitive advantage. Whatever your value proposition is, you need to explore ideas to add that value and then analyze what data you need to make it work. You should also consider how you will get that data. For example, if I wanted to offer my clients the biggest selection of homes, I would need the biggest possible database of listings and I would need to get those listings from clients, other realtors, MLS, craigslist, etc.

Market information

Impact of economical condition on the market, Hire an economist or a market expert

Competitors, Need information on what other real estate companies are doing, ask new hires, people who have been in the industry for a long time, industry experts, study financial reports of other companies, study their value propositions, how they differentiate, their target audience, etc. Primary research

Company information

Employee Information, Background to show clients that the company employees are competent and qualified, Screen hires, ask for experience

Background; how long company has been around for, what previous transactions has been made, client opinion on partnership with the company, How clients feel about the company: face to face meeting with each client, ask for any opinions on products and service the company has provided, how the company can do better

Revenue and cost analysis, Accountants can record and report data as deals are made, files keeping, Expected earnings based on revenue costs, goals

Product information

Group 312

Adequate Inventory, demand data and demographics are important but you haven't given any concrete details about what the information you collect is going to add to your business. How is demographic information going to help you promote an active and healthy lifestyle? To get a "Good", you would have to give exact links between the information you're collecting and the value of your business. Beware of loyalty cards - they don't add much value because everyone already has them. Who are you selling this CRM data to and why would you give your data to competitors?

Value proposition: We strive for the freshest organic foods sold at competitive prices to promote a active & healthy lifestyle. We need to collect information on buying habits (types of foods purchased) and the demographics of our buyers. In order to do this, we need to install a CRM system to collect this data through loyalty cards.

who is our market? we need to look at demographics (age, sex, income level, whether they are single or in a household) what do they buy? what products are popular so that we may keep up with inventory - we need to make sure they are in stock at all times.

one option to generate further revenue is to sell our CRM data that is collected to competitors in the industry. We will make sure privacy policies are not breached by making the information anonymous (no names)

we can also promote ourselves through social media where we can offer discounts on certain items to entice customers. We would tailor offers to customers based on the information collected in their loyalty cards.

We will also have an online community where customers can interact with each other: share recipes, post their grocery lists, games and rewards. Other services complementary to our products will also be offered on our website, such as meal plans, recipes, and health consultation. This will increase customer satisfaction as well as customers loyalty. We will also advertise through this website, where trivial nutrition facts about the promotion/sale product of the day will be posted. THis will increase revenue by making customers aware of promotions and the healthy benefits of what is on sale

construct a close and efficient relationship with local suppliers to ensure that the products that are demanded can be delivered within a specific standard time frame, this will make sure we keep up to our promised freshness quality

collect data on the type of foods demanded during difference seasons, so we can plan map out our orders ahead of time, this will decrease the chances for stock shortage as well as supplying delays.

Group 310

Good- You did a very good job of identifying all of the different types of data and information that your company would need in order to achieve its main goals and objectives. Your listed relevant types of data that your company needed and you explained why your company needed that data. Being able to justify your decisions on what data is needed is very important, so we liked seeing that you went into great detail and provided solid explanations. That being said, what your group missed out on was the implementation, more specifically, where would your company get this data from, how exactly would your company get it (purchase from 3rd parties, primary research, etc) and how it was going to synthesize all of this data in order to make it useful information.

Value Proposition: VAnalyst ensures a high quality service, providing Investment Portfolio Management and Business Consultation.

Market Status:

We manage portfolios, and having great information on the market movement would greatly affect the return our customers would receive on their portfolios., Experienced Portfolio Managers: Vanalyst must ensure that highest measures are taken in order to hire the most qualified and top of line employees. Employees that are experienced in investment field, and the ones that fully understand the proposition vanalyst makes to its customers., Personalized Platforms: We must use the best investment platform out there. One that would beat most of our competitives on regional basis. Investment platforms that hold better, and higher number of analysis tools will give our employees the ability to invest more efficiently resulting in higher returns that could fit our value propositions., Employees must be hired to provide research and information to clients who engage in an investment of $100,000+, so as to satisfy their information needs as described below

In addition to extensive information regarding the customer, VAnalyst must ensure that they are hiring high-quality employees in order to be able to provide high-quality service. They must look for employees who have an in-depth knowledge of the field, but must also be customer-minded and highly motivated. As such, they require detailed information on job candidates and applicants., To obtain the desired applicant information, VAnalyst must consider their selection process. Tools such as proper job analysis and descriptions can help ensure that possible candidates are clear on what is expected in the job position and feel that they are a good fit to the desired characteristics., It is also important to reach out to the correct applicant pool. Technology can make it much easier through the usage of online job markets and postings. By allowing customized job searches, VAnalyst can ensure that those who see their job posting are much more likely to be genuinely interested in and share some of the same values as the company

Information needed to satisfy Value proposition, The firm needs to know how much money investors are willing to invest into a portfolio, and what type of risks they are willing to take. The company also needs to know what sort of industry investors prefer to invest in, and how the various industries are performing to date., So how could VAnalyst create this information? One way is to meet with the customers and ask them these questions. What kind or return are they looking? What industry do they want to invest in? And what risk they're willing to take? Now this might be easier for individual customers, but it might not work when the customers are firms and corporations, The company needs to figure out a risk/return tradeoff, i.e something that allows investors to foresee what sort of returns they can expect, while giving them an idea of the risks associated with each type of shares. For example, If Vanalyst knows that certain investors want a larger return and are willing to take more pf a risk, they can create a portfolio of companies with lower market capitalizations that may grow faster and yeild better returns. On the other hand, for investors which may want to make a steadier investment, Vanalyst will have this information and invest in larger companies such as Google or Apple., Vanalyst would like to satisfy their clients information needs as well as our own. We will provide the clients with information about their respective industry, how the companies they invested in are performing relative to the competitors in the industry, whether they are any potential mergers/acquisitions etc.

CRM, Blogs: We must set up a blog system, which can be used by our customers. This will provide better customer service.

Group 304

Adequate+ Your group did a very good job of identifying all of your company’s informational needs. What we liked seeing was the fact that your group went into a lot of detail in terms of what some of this information is, and why your company needed it. Being able to justify why your company is using a certain piece of information is key, and you providing reasons as to why it was important is very good. That being said, although you specified what type of data you needed, you never went into any detail on as to how your company was going to get all of this information, and where it would get it from. Would your company use and purchase data that is made and sold by 3rd party organizations, or would you collect all of this data on your own. How would you collect this data? How would the system know where all of your employees and your suppliers (items) are? These are key questions that you will need to be able to answer during your presentation.

Value Preposition: To alleviate temporary human resources needs by considerably reducing the time and costs associated with finding quality workers through creating an efficient communication link between our clients and our skilled work force. We take into consideration the needs and goals of our clients to ensure we match the appropriate group/individual in order to promote individual and company growth.

Which tools are required for the jobs? Cost of the tools, time required per job, number of employees required per job.

Job openings in the market. (Need to study the economic conditions to find out which jobs have openings which allow us to hire workers with the necessary skills), How many people are unemployed? How many people are actively looking for a temporary job? Which jobs are the most profitable for us to find temporary employment for? (What skills are in high demand?)

We plan to create a database where each employee has his/her own customized ID, similar to a sisytem we have at UBC with the student cards, so that we can keep track of the employees. Attached to the employee number will be their profiles which includes things such as previous work experience, skills, availability etc. This way we can easily keep track of the emplyees and if a work offer is received, we can simply go through our database check off the skills we need and it will identify which individuals can be used to properly fulfill the job according to their education level, skill levels and other additional credentials (in which all this information is also attached to their ID), In addition to our employees having personal ID's, our equipment also need individual ID's in order to keep track of where and when our equipment is being used

Install a feedback system to evaluate each individual employee and record clients satisfaction to allow us to send suitable workers to meet the clients needs for future jobs., In order to accomodate optimal efficiency, we need to have up to date information on the availability (and if not available, the location) of all our employees and equipment using a virtual booking/scheduling system. Keeping track of our "inventory" and knowing where it is at all times will help us better organize our scheduling and allocations. Having this system will not only help us prevent both double-booking, over-booking or under-booking our workers and equipment, but it will also save a lot of time and costs.

Group 303

Good+ We are very pleased with your groups work and we are glad to see that you guys have shown very good progress. Your group did an excellent job of identifying all of the informational needs of your company. Your group was also able to justify as to why you needed to have all of this information, and how it could help your company sustain/achieve your strategy. Furthermore, we also liked the fact that you told us how and from where your company is planning on getting this data. Lastly, we liked the fact that you mentioned specific types of technology that you could use in sustaining your strategy (CRM).

Value Propostition: Connecting with our customer for a convenient and personal experience, providing fresh and high quality food.

Data Collection, Use of a CRM system to understand consumer behaviour, Use data to forecast demand, Use information to understand what products to order so that we may meet demand and reduce waste (cost saving), - knowing the frequency and amount each customer purchase - we can estimate a specific quantity that we can order of the food to match turnover (minimize inventory costs) (info: customer purchase data), Understand trends, - knowing the buying trend (as in of specific product of each customers.) (ex: Alice regularly purchase apple everyweek) which will help us make a personal connection by sending out our special deals. (Ex: if the California apple will be soon out of “best before” date, it is good for sending special deals to people who usually purchase apple. Purpose: minimize inventory cost and maximize sales, customer happy we happy :)) (info: numbers of stocks in inventory, inventory data; customer purchase data (historical trend data)), Supplier Logistics, Know supplier delivery times in order to ensure timely deliveries to fulfill inventory needs and customer demads, Ensure that foods are fresh and of good quality to meet value proposition of providing fresh foods, showing reliability and good relationship with suppliers(farmers) to customers- have information that the farmers will be able to meet demands and high quality products.(info: numbers of stocks in inventory, inventory data; customer purchase data (historical trend data)), - inventory/inbound logistics data (inventory count & shipment dates) - inform when new shipments of desired foods are coming in to show how we prioritize freshness and quality with an emphasis on individual needs (making it personal)., Product Information, Have information and be knowledgeable so we may refer to substitutes according to nutritional value / class of food when customers are unable to find their specific item, Product nutrition database- so that we may have information about specific foods to inform customers about it nutritional value -> better educated employees= being able to provide information to customers= customers be able to make better buying decisions=better customer service, Competitors, Understand and collect information about what other competitors in the industry are doing in order to meet company's revenue goals, Reflects our company's pricing strategies, Understand which items we are offering better prices on and which items are sold at par with competitor's prices, Inventory, Have data what is in stock and what is not, Adjust pricing accordingly: if we have lots of apples in stock then we should place apples on sale in order to induce sales (reduce waste) to maximize sales and revenue, track the storage period and make this information avaliable

Revenue Model, Because our customers generally are higher income individuals (less price sensitive) , we are able to charge a premium price on our products, Maximize profits by minimizing costs, Minimize cost by better predicting demands and reducing warehouse inventory cost

Group 302

Good Your group did a very good job of identifying the information needs of your company. Not only did your group list all of the relevant data that is needed for your company’s operations, but you also justified why this data is needed and useful. We also liked seeing that you also provided source from as to where you can obtain all of this data, and how you were going to obtain this data. That was a key part of this exercise. The one thing you are missing is the type of technology you will employ in order to store and synthesize this data.

VanRealty's Value Proposition: To deliver hassle free buying and selling of houses and matching the right house to the right client in an efficient and effective manner in terms of cost and time, creating a "just choose" experience.

Affiliation Revenue Model - As a Realty firm, we get money based off commission; we are the medium between buyers and sellers. We get paid to filter through masses of information and narrow down the selection of houses that so that our clients can easily make an informed decision and ultimately find the perfect match for them., We need data on existing listing from all firms and the growth rate of locations to estimate the new numbers of home owners or free houses that area. Also, the most updated/recent data of newly built residential areas would be a great addition to our database of listings., We also need a way to organize data so that our clients (buyers/sellers) find it easy to read and understand, We need data on consumer behavior that fits the listings that we have in order to tailor the houses and find the right match our clients needs. We do this by creating an application for for our clients to fill out about their preferences such as location, faily size, house size, neighborhood, and what kind of use the house is for ie. investment of long term living. Then we use these data to match our database of current listings., Collect data from every sale/transaction so we can analyze what different clients would like and group similar clients together so then we have an idea of what that group of clients would like if we were to encounter a similar client in the future. ie. a immigrant from Hong Kong - These clients would most likely have the same social status/wealth in order to be able to immigrate to Canada., This kind of data would make our matching process more efficient and less costly to both us and our clients., We also need to know their income category!, We need the most recent data on all listings so we can provide for any kinds of supply or demands that we get from clients and fill their needs right away with accurate information., Maybe we can get this data from other realty firms as well and collaborate with them so that we can increase our affiliation revenues when we have more transactions of clients when referring to different listings and purchases/sales., To be able to provide a efficient service, a database of financing methods should be handy to provide the customer different choices that match their situation the most so that they can attain their house as soon as possible. We can also refer them to a database of mortgage brokers that can help them as well., Also, maybe a historical database of house price fluctuations can help our firm as well as clients see the trend in housing prices to see when or where would prices rise or fall. We may attain this data through the records of other firms or start creating our own., Information on property values, which places are rising in value (e.g. developmental aspects such as infrastructure, transit, schools, etc), Information on the business cycle and economic fluctuations help us predict when housing prices will go up/down and this lets us better advise our clients

Group 308

Weak You did a very good job of identifying all of the different types of data and information that your company would need in order to achieve its main goals and objectives. Your listed relevant types of data that your company needed and you explained why your company needed that data. Being able to justify your decisions on what data is needed is very important, so we liked seeing that you went into great detail and provided solid explanations. That being said, what your group missed out on was the implementation, more specifically, where would your company get this data from, how exactly would your company get it (purchase from 3rd parties, primary research, etc) and how it was going to synthesize all of this data in order to make it useful information.

Customer Database: we will issue out membership cards from our grocery store to customers who sign up with their basic personal information, including their address, and email. To do this, we will provide incentives such as a lower membership price for certain products, emailing out deals, and recipes; and also convince if they want to use their card as a debit card for our grocery store. The main function of our IT system is to record information everytime a transaction takes place using the loyalty card, creating a database over time that consists of the items bought and overtime, this database will allow us to discover specifics such as the frequency of their store visits and grocery preferences. Our IT system will categorize each account according to the address so we can discover the buying pattern of each family as a whole, instead of just individuals. This system will enhance our ability to connect with our customers on a personal level. By monitoring customer behaviour at GoodFoods, we will be able to tailor unique discounts and showcase products that may interest our customer.

Online Recipe community: The community allows us to build a closer connection with our customers and thus, knowing our customer's behaviour which we could utilize to provide a more personalized experience. Our online community would revolve around the idea of sharing recipes. Customers will be able to interact with each other and the store through comments and contests. We will give out incentives such as a points system that leads to discounts on food for customers to create recipes using items that can be found at our store. The competitive advantage of this community is that we make sure the recipes mostly consists of items that come from our store. For the company, the database of recipes will give us an idea of what groceries customers are popular and will allow us to track ingredients our store is not supplying. The online community will allow us to increase revenue because we will be able to see the most popular items and allow us to maintain a full supply of stock. It will also boost sales as customers will want to buy the ingredients for these recipes.

Revenue Model: Based on research of other grocery stores, our revenue model will focus on frequent discounts to bring customers in as well as retain others. These will come through joining and participating on our online community as mentioned above. The online store will bring in another stream of revenue through customers’ purchases.

Group 317

Good- The information you've identified is definitely useful and supports your value proposition. The scope that you're at is still too broad, however, and you haven't identified enough specific areas of focus. Your point about knowing how much the customer needs to move is great because it is measurable, whereas trends in demand are not something you can easily obtain. For the higher grade, make sure you fully explore all the data you need, the raw data, and explain how you're going to obtain it and how you're going to store it (like when you mentioned that each customer has a personal account).

VALUE PROPOSITION: MoveIT provides a personalized way to accommodate your moving needs in a convenient and timely fashion.

We need accurate information from the customers regarding how many possessions they intend on moving. We need to do this to ensure that we provide them with the appropriate vehicle and number of contractors. We plan on getting this information from the customer by providing them with descriptions of the vehicles and giving them

Data Needed

basic customer information - address - moving locations - history with the company

Drivers and workers availability. from contractors giving out schedules of availability, costs of transportation (gas)

Peak Periods when demand is high and periods of low demand. Can get from looking into the history and recording all future transaction.

Market information (demand) - which trucks are need when - times they need services - trends in demand

Sales Revenue Model: we provide moving services to customers

what competitors are setting prices at


Create an online easy to use personalized system for customers, customers create accounts on website - holds all their current and past order information - can create their orders online, no need to call in