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French revolution by Mind Map: French revolution


1.1. The influence of the Enlightenment

1.1.1. US independence

1.2. The economic crisis

1.2.1. State deficit

1.2.2. Rising price

1.2.3. Financial crises

1.3. The social crisis

1.3.1. The bourgeois’s desire for power

1.3.2. Oppositions of privileged parties to the tax reform

1.3.3. Popular classes as a shock force

1.4. The political crisis

1.4.1. The king call the Estates General

1.4.2. Louis XVI governed France as an absolute monarch


2.1. Political change

2.1.1. Political parties began to appear

2.1.2. Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen

2.1.3. Constitutions (sovereignty) were adopted

2.1.4. Constitutional monarchy and the republic

2.2. Economic change

2.2.1. Pay taxes

2.2.2. Free trade and respect for private property

2.3. Social change

2.3.1. Everyone was now equal before the law

2.3.2. The bougeoisie could participe in politics