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Better Stories by Mind Map: Better Stories

1. Climate action? Are Better Stories only climate focused?

2. Story makers?

3. What are Better Stories?

3.1. Which stories?

3.1.1. Which voices and stories? Intersectionality?

3.1.2. Is there a judgement in "Better" Stories?

3.2. Stories for system change

3.3. Personal narratives and beliefs?

3.4. A collective story? Thomas Berry - A New Story, Charles Einstein, Findhorn's New Story Conference? Mythology and cosmology?

3.5. XR Narrative?

3.6. Putting the climate in the room? Giving nature a voice? Separate from ecology and ecosystem to interbeing?

4. Who's the audience?

4.1. Top down? Government, corporations, institutions? Mac McCartney and the Children's Fire?

4.2. Bottom up? Mass audience

4.3. Stories for system change?

5. What's the desired outcome?

5.1. Movement building?

5.2. Empathy?

5.2.1. Connection and community?

5.3. How can narrative change happen on an embodied nervous system level? Ideology, mental, identity, based on a somatic experience

6. How to deliver Better Stories?

6.1. Live experience? Interactivity? Magic of sitting in circle. Death Cafe for Environment? Forgiveness Project?

6.1.1. How do you scale and replicate? Rebel Book Club format creates community, movement and can be recreated?

6.1.2. Storytelling format where people share their environment stories?

6.2. TV, documentary, online video, podcasts, books, articles?

6.2.1. Question the effectiveness of issue centric story telling initiatives? Contrast to how Will and Grace moved forward gay rights without it being an explicit intention

7. Who's working with Better Stories?

7.1. Stronger Stories?

7.2. Patagonia Film Funding,

7.3. Participant Media

7.4. Project Drawdown

7.5. Findhorn New Story Summit

7.6. Jon Young Nature Connection

8. Can it be monetised?

9. Collective initiative? Different actions under a Better Stories umbrella?