The Constitutional Convention of 1787

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The Constitutional Convention of 1787 by Mind Map: The Constitutional Convention of 1787

1. The Articles of Confederation

1.1. The Articles originally failed, because it presented a fear of a strong central government.

1.2. The articles originally gave states the power.

2. Federalists

2.1. Implied a commitment to loose, decentralized system of government

2.2. They also made the Federalist Paper

3. The Great Compromise

3.1. It was an agreement between the larger and smaller states about how much power each state will have.

3.2. It also showed how each state was represented in the Congress.

4. The Bill of rights

4.1. The first ten amendments

4.2. James Madison wrote the Bill of rights (the first ten amendments)

5. 3/5 Compromise

5.1. For every 5 slaves it counted as 3 people

5.2. 3/5ths of each slave counted as population in determining representation to the House of Representatives.

6. Virginia Plan- Large States

6.1. It called for a bicameral legislature

6.2. Representatives in each house would depend on the population of the state.

6.3. supported the constitution

7. New Jersey Plan- Small States

7.1. It called for a unicameral legislature.

7.2. It called for a strong national government

8. Anti- Federalists

8.1. opposed to the constitution

8.2. They really wanted liberty and freedom and they said the Constitution did not give them that but take it away.