Mind Map Of Activity, Well being and Sleep

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Mind Map Of Activity, Well being and Sleep by Mind Map: Mind Map Of Activity, Well being and Sleep

1. My strengths and weaknesses in Sleep

1.1. Strengths

1.1.1. I get around the recommended hours of sleep which is 8-9 hours, if I don't have training

1.1.2. I don't use technology just before bed as it counteracts my mind with the blue screen

1.1.3. I don't eat before bed as it can cause weight gain and slows down my metabolism

1.1.4. Early morning training gets me active for school

1.1.5. I improve my learning in class

1.1.6. Makes my immune system stronger

1.1.7. Sleeping well makes me think clearly about choices

1.2. Weaknesses

1.2.1. My sleep is interrupted by noises which makes it harder to go back to sleep

1.2.2. Early training shorten my sleep cycle which means I don't have as much energy to train

1.2.3. Sometimes I suffer from anxiety or depression because of school work

1.2.4. I may fall asleep during study sessions that affect my work standards

1.2.5. Sleep deprivation may make me too tired to do anything or then sleep

1.2.6. Without enough sleep, I struggle in exams as I can’t recall information from previous classes

2. My strengths and weaknesses in Well being

2.1. Strengths

2.1.1. Walking to shopping centers on weekends

2.1.2. Drink water every 2 days when I remember my water bottle

2.1.3. Fishing, swimming, spearing are moderate as I do them everyday on the holidays

2.1.4. Bush walks that are 10-20 mins which increase my heart rate

2.1.5. Maintain positive relationships between friends, family and teachers

2.1.6. Live in a smoke-free environment, which decreases my chance of lung cancer

2.2. weaknesses

2.2.1. Don’t eat enough meat which lowers my iron levels

2.2.2. Don’t take many challenges

2.2.3. When the holidays are near I only want to spend time with my family and not many friends

2.2.4. When I am in areas other than school, I may inhale the smoke that comes from the city, smokers or restaurants

2.2.5. I rarely let anyone be closer than a friend because I am scared of letting go

2.2.6. When I don’t have my water bottle I get dehydrated and it is hard to think

3. My strengths and weaknesses in Activity

3.1. Strengths

3.1.1. I play many sports that get me activity during the mornings and afternoons

3.1.2. I play vigorous and moderate sports everyday

3.1.3. I have maintained a healthy weight since I started at St Peter’s

3.1.4. I work on my team-work skills as my sports involve teams

3.1.5. I am captain in many sports which helps me interact with team members

3.1.6. As captain, I fulfill many responsibilities which make the sport more enjoyable

3.1.7. The responsibilities that I take, reflect on my experiences and leadership for the real world

3.2. Weaknesses

3.2.1. I don’t walk around in greenspaces that much

3.2.2. I don’t usually have breaks until the end of the term

3.2.3. I don’t move to the best of my ability when I am emotional

3.2.4. I sometimes train too hard and my body aches which make it hard for school

3.2.5. I don’t like doing things on my own as I work with a team

3.2.6. I don’t like sharing ideas, I only respect and reflect on others ideas