Human Resources

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Human Resources by Mind Map: Human Resources

1. Assessment and Selection

2. Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

3. Strategic Human Resource Management

3.1. perfomance mangement

3.2. employee retention

3.2.1. How can the workplace gender discrimination due the China's two child policy be dealt with? How to make perfect laws to protect women's employment rights How to develop a family welfare policy that benefits women how to make pregnant applicants effectively reduce gender discrimination in interviews or employment? How to cultivate social culture which is conducive to women's employment and awaken gender awareness How to make women improve their physical and mental quality of employment

3.2.2. Why international human resource management does not apply to employment relationship management in public institutions?

3.2.3. How to effectively control the risks that may exist in human resources management through the construction of internal control of enterprises?

3.3. compensation and rewards

4. International employment Relations

5. Work Design