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Summary by Mind Map: Summary

1. introduction

1.1. Description of the problem

1.2. Refrence to source

1.3. Position about sources problem about the problem

2. opinion

2.1. about the exams

2.2. about teaching techniques

2.3. about performance more than learning

3. Discussion

3.1. about not breaking accepted rules

3.2. about professor pedagogy

3.3. about the internet on the exmas

3.4. about types of exams

4. Conclusion

5. Refrences

6. Take home exams

6.1. No individual accountibility

6.2. Good in areas like mathematics

6.3. Collaboration makes finding new ways for solutions

7. In class exams

7.1. Individual accountability

7.2. Reduces the probability of cheating

8. Combination of both

8.1. Assess individual accountibility

8.2. Allowing real world learning method

8.3. Minimizes cheating