The Mold Girl

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The Mold Girl by Mind Map: The Mold Girl

1. Address: 864 Island Park Dr # 311 Daniel Island, SC 29492 United States Phone: 843-513-7886 Email: [email protected] Website: Description: Mold Girl is an environmental consulting firm that addresses indoor air top quality issues. We focus heavily on mold assessments, that include mold inspection and mold testing when required. Because of mold being a side effect of a moisture problem, we also concentrate most of our services around fixing moisture control issues, such as high humidity and water intrusion due to poor property drainage and just how to adequately address water damage due to broken pipes and plumbing leaks. The Mold Girl was established by Liz Keefer, that was nicked named "The Mold Girl" by her industry peers for her understanding of mold and her quirky individuality of how she always gave an off-topic subject back to something related to mold.