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1. Issues

1.1. Communication

1.1.1. Between LSBC Hospital

1.1.2. Between Judicial System

1.1.3. Between LSBC and Managing Enitity

1.1.4. Between Stakeholders

1.1.5. No Housing

1.1.6. Consumers without Benefits

1.1.7. Safety to the community including the consumer(s)

1.2. High Rate of Incarcerations

1.3. High Rate of Hospitalization

1.4. Lack of Individualized Outpatient Care

1.5. Repeated Hospitalizations

1.6. Discharging identified AOT consumers before Court resulting increasing the rate of readmissions

1.7. Consumers Discharged( when appropriate) on a LAI resulting in non- compliance to medication and additional hospitalization.

2. Improvements

2.1. Communication

2.1.1. Lead Care Coordinator works with Judicial System and educates community of AOT and other LSBC Services.

2.1.2. Care Coordinator works as a liaison with LSBC staff to ensure court documentation is completed. Reviews consumers who are inpatient for AOT or other outpatient services.

2.1.3. Start the week with treatment team meetings for AOT admissions Keep Inpatient Management Informed Keep Departments

2.1.4. Better collaboration software

2.2. Keep data on AOT and the reductions of LOS

2.3. Create a clear outline of each position and its responsibilities

2.3.1. Distribute AOT responsibilities to other LSBC programs

2.4. Combine positions and responsibilites to include other programs within LSBC

2.5. Community Building Ideas

2.5.1. MHOP, Crossroad appointments once insurance is verified

2.5.2. Educate community on AOT and other LSBC Services

2.6. Begin October 1, 2020

3. SAMHSA Grant Ends Oct, 1. 2020