Elements of reading

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Reading by Mind Map: Reading

1. fluency

1.1. A readers ability to read with speed, accuracy and expression. Closely tied to comprehension

2. phonics

2.1. The connection between letters and sounds. The combination of the two, creates words.

2.1.1. Analytic phonics

2.1.2. Synthetic phonics

2.1.3. Analogy phonics

3. phonemic awareness

3.1. The understanding that words are created from phonemes, which are small units of sound in language.

3.1.1. Isolation

3.1.2. Segmentation

3.1.3. Identification

3.1.4. Blending

4. vocabulary

4.1. 2 types of vocabulary

4.1.1. Oral The words we know when spoken

4.1.2. Reading The words we know when seen in print

4.2. 2 Primary ways to teach

4.2.1. Explicit instruction

4.2.2. Context clues

5. reading comprehension

5.1. The understanding of what the text is about. It is not just understanding the words in isolation though, but putting them together and using prior knowledge to develop meaning