Effective Learning

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Effective Learning by Mind Map: Effective Learning

1. Primary Strength - Sequential Learning

1.1. Logic behind theories/material.

1.1.1. Step by step process to learning Ask questions if you get lost mid process to keep on top of things.

2. Secondary Strength - Activist and Verbal

2.1. Practical Learner

2.1.1. Learn through brain storming, group discussions, generate ideas, explain ideas out loud to other students. Read notes out loud when studying, practice writing answers to exam questions, learn best from activites.

3. Primary Weakness- Reflector

3.1. Tend to jump the gun !

3.1.1. Take a step back, remember there is no rush ! In exam situation, remember to READ the full question before jumping in!

4. Secondary Weakness- Visual Learning

4.1. Going to introduce watching videos to improve my visual learning because I think this will compliment my strength of verbal learning. Now I can combine the two !