Film Trailer

This is for my LOB Film Editing assessment.

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Film Trailer by Mind Map: Film Trailer

1. Genre

1.1. Action

2. Ideas

2.1. Empowerment

2.2. Different personalities

2.3. Teenagers

2.4. Agent/spy

2.5. Mental illnesses

2.6. Being unique is good

2.7. Bullying

2.8. Superhero/spies with different talents (e.g Charlie's Angels, Ocean's 8)

3. Shots

3.1. Handheld

3.1.1. Action needs to be within frame (mise-en scene) Lock in on to the subject Show characters' actions and emotions

3.2. Side shot

3.2.1. If capturing character running/trying to escape something, follow the action with a side shot.

3.3. Audience interaction/positioning

3.3.1. This is to do with the focal lense of the camera that is being used to film the action in thie film Zooming out and wide angle makes the audience seem to be closer to the screen. This helps the audience see the character's emotions more. Cutting to a long focal length means that the camera zooms into the bad guy/antagonist but we are at a distance (sharing the view with the protagonist). Cutting to a wide angle lens makes the audience seem closer to the antagonist so if trying to capture a chase scene where the antagonist tries to find the protagonist, it makes it seem like the protagonist is not on screen/the antagonist can't find the main character.

3.4. Shutter speed

3.4.1. Increasing the shutter speed gives an effect of sharpness in terms of mise-en scene. The faster the shutter speed, the less motion blur there is.

3.5. Focus on the main character/protagonist

3.5.1. A good focus point would be on the action or the emotions whenever a specific action takes longer.